《6 Minutes @ Bertrand Mak》

Rupert Sanderson collaborates with Bertrand Mak and presents <The Gold Collection> introducing the "Hong Kong" court shoes made using an entirely new shoe last tailored to the feet of Asian woman. mylifestylenews met up with Mak to find out more of this precious metal heels that made from 23K gold leaf......
Since the "Hong Kong" was an immediate success and continues to be one of our best sellers at our On Lan Street boutique, we decided to take another whole new level to create another exclusive and limited collection that are highly valued and sought after precious metal with GOLD.

<The Gold Collection> has taken a year of research and development comprising a wide array of designs cherry-picked from the repertoire of coveted the "RS" signatures which are all united with a common trademark - the 23K gold leaf heels.

This capsule collection consists of the elegant flats, versatile peep toes and classic courts in various heights. Not forgetting the sky-high statement fashions which is a certain classic statement for every woman.

The application of the genuine gold leaf on the heel of the shoe is no doubt new-fangled but the collection remains true to the core values of the Rupert Sanderson brand.

Every style still oozes subtle elegance and sophistication, embodying superb craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials and of course the 23K gold leaf. 

The idea of gliding the heel with real gold leaf was first conceived in late 2010. The first working prototype took around 6 months to make. It's a supreme challenge finding a lacquer sturdy enough to protect the fragile leaves from scrapes and the qualified artisans to sustain the production and the excellence required.

The genuine gold leaf with its precious nature and unique luster unmatched by gold-toned leather or brass are the perfect compliments for Rupert Sanderson's understated and less is more aesthetic, which can be overlooked in today's ever competitive market with shoe designers showering their creations with crystals, studs, feathers. We thought, why not with gold heels to act as a beacon of light.

Part of the ideas when we decided to use the gold heels is to draw attention and create a desire with fancifully emotion and the appreciation of the skilled craftsmanship of art. Thus, it can be lingered longer with its finest details.
Every pair of Rupert Sander shoes is handcrafted in Bologna, Italy. There are over 120 individual process involved in designing and making a good pair of Rupert Sanderson's shoe.

Each step requires specific know how in order to bring to life the often highly conceptual designs that ultimately graces the feet of stylish and elegant women.

With gold leafing process, it is by no means a less painstaking and specialist process that requires an extremely high level of proficiency and a great deal of time and patience as each step is performed entirely by hand.

Only a skilled artisan can achieve the optimal amount of veins and the desired sheen and texture with consistency.Thus, it is limiting the production of <The Gold Collection>.

Every pair of shoe from <The Gold Collection> is truly rare and unique, it deserves to be treated as an object of art.

We design shoes to compliment women, not to dominate women and with a sustainable quality of material used. Practicality are considered when a pair of shoe is designed and created.

The campaign images of <The Gold Collection> are set in the vibrant streets of Central, Hong Kong capturing the fast-paced, dynamic and unmistakably stylish and chic lifestyle of the bona-fide Rupert Sanderson woman. It is all done within one day.

It is dangerous to have just "a type" of customer as Rupert Sanderson's women shall be intelligent and exudes quiet confidence. She has her own style and does not follow the herd and is never a slave of trends.

A woman of substance who knows how to put her best foot forward with style and she is a bona-fide for sure.

My most favorite possession are old watches old photographs as well as some other trivial things that remind me of the past.

Trend vs style to me is to keep yourself relevant, not blindly follow the trend. Create your own style and do not afraid to use different materials and colors.

My ideal living lifestyle is to a have a good healthy life. Be passionate on everyday of your life and embrace your job with bright emotion and get motivated at all time.

mylifestylenews @ Bertrand Mak

* Special thanks to Shirley Yeung @ the interview arrangement.

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