《Hermès @ The Gift of Time Exhibition》

Hermès held an exhibition “The gift of time” in the course of a circular walk-through display representing time, American artist Hilton McConnico, scenographer, poet and long-time partner of Hermès, tells the story of Hermès time through poetic displays tinted with light humour, variety of colours and a series of sensory discoveries.
 Visitor begins the walk contemplating the origin of time, before continuing on to free time, time suspended, in reverence to the watch, or to the stroke of time, reminding us of the patina on objects. Finally, time will be dedicated to a moment of sharing and to the transmission of memories and thoughts.
Born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1943, Hilton McConnico combines a wide range of talents: painter, decorator, photographer, designer and set designer. He has been living and working in Paris since 1965. After spending several years as a fashion designer for famed Paris fashion houses, he turned to cinema, creating the sets for approximately twenty films including Vivement dimanche (Confidentially Yours) by François Truffaut.
In 1983, he received a César (the French equivalent of an Academy Award) for Best Set Design for the film La Lune dans le caniveau (The Moon in the Gutter) by Jean-Jacques Beineix. With his unsurpassed mastery of colour, Hilton McConnico creates worlds imbued with poetry.
His exhibition work has gained him the reputation of one of the most accomplished artists of his time and many of his award-winning design pieces are now part of the permanent collections of museums worldwide. In addition to designing numerous exhibitions for Hermès, he created the interior design for the museums at the Maison Hermès in Tokyo and in Seoul.
"Time is like a circle, it has no end, no middle, no start.  It is always sending ripples around the mind and around the heart. Time can even go on forever, as heavy as lead or as light as a feather. Time is an intangible entity. Hermes time can take us to the edge of infinity." Quote McConnico. " Creating a graphic image from an abstract word is not easy. But thanks to Hermès’ commitment, the constant support and guidance of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, and a permanent system of exchange, I believed we did it. Hermès time does not try to master time but rather offers us the time to see and understand this ever changing world. The exhibition is a series of sensory discoveries and an imaginary experience because life is that way. "
"Sometimes the room that follows is in harmony with the last one but most of the time I try to make it unexpected. A unity of colour or theme might give us a feeling of "déjà-vu". This imaginary trip into the heart of darkness is watching us. With a bit of luck it will take us into a spiral of dreams projecting us into memories of childhood. The path of the exhibition is like a loop starting all over again. I hope the visitor leaving the exhibition will have a sensation of inner peace, nourished with fulfilling vibrations and images."
This exhibition will later be presented in Singapore and in Lille, France. Exhibition ends 4th July 2012. Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

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