《3D-GOLD x Dorian Ho @ Wedding Collection》

3D-GOLD Jewellery collaborates with fashion designer Dorian Ho and launched a series of striking items for their 3D-GOLD x Dorian Ho Wedding Collection, enhancing one of the most memorable chapters for grooms-to-be and brides-to-be in their lifelong pursuit of a fairytale romance recently. The two magnificent wedding bands and five enchanting engagement rings, the 3D-GOLD x Dorian Ho Wedding Wedding Collection perfectly blends the warmth of love with the glamour of diamonds.
Inspired by the eternal nature of love, these two wedding bands act as witnesses to that precious moment when a couple makes their vows to each other. The inspiration for this collection’s five engagement rings comes from that promise, where designers have given the grooms-to-be freedom to make their own diamond selection, highlighting their unique promise of love to their special one.
3D-GOLD Jewellery is a jewellery brand under the Hong Kong Resource in designing, developing and retailing a variety of jewellery, gold accessories and enterprise gifts. In Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China, 3D-GOLD with over 400 stores and operates and establishes its retailing network through direct sales, alliances and franchise.The brand image of 3D-GOLD Jewellery is perfectly linked to the elegance, willingness to innovate and self-confidence.
<The Crown of Love> is elegantly crafted with 18K white gold, the five newest engagement rings from the 3D-GOLD x Dorian Ho Wedding Collection transform a lifelong promise into the crowning symbol of love: a diamond ring. The refined D-shape settings on both the “Dearest” and “Dignity” rings not only represent the partnership between 3D-GOLD Jewellery and Dorian Ho, but also, like diamonds themselves, illustrate the everlasting nature of love. The other three rings, “Devotion”, “Desire” and “Darling” come with flower-shape settings that symbolise how love blossoms with time. In order to make every engagement ring unique, designer deliberately chose not to mount these rings with core diamond, leaving the groom-to-be with the task of selecting a sparkling diamond to adorn the ring. As a result, each of these rings represents the lover’s own unique promise.
<Twinkling Love> 18K white gold wedding bands fully illustrate the beauty of love by combining the tenderness of white gold and the sparkling radiance of diamonds. These diamonds brilliantly twinkle like stars in the infinite galaxy, making this set the best reflection of love’s eternal nature.
The <Love Blossom> is 18K white gold wedding bands consist of unembellished half-flower outlines. When combined, the two rings form a complete flower pattern, symbolising the unified destiny of the couple. The centre of the flower, embellished with glamorous loose diamonds, will eternally shine into the hearts of each couple.

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