《Wellendorff @ Bridal Collection》

Wellendorff Bridal Collection comes with a variety of simple yet refined wedding band pairs including the Diamond Truffle & Sweet Angel, Diamond Adonis and Venus and Diamond Romeo & Juliet, Wellendorff conveys the blessings of matrimony and the power of true love narrating the peacefully romantic atmosphere this spring.
The Ring Truffle & Sweet Angel wedding bands utilize a classical European design. With an exquisite white pearl enamel cover, embellished with majestic patterns and ornamented with sparkling diamonds, the rings gives a solemn feel, epitomizing marriage vows, the most sacred of promises. The Diamond Adonis and Venus rings symbolize the eternity of matrimony. A gentle and elegant design inspired by the ancient mythology represents the essence of true love, while the beautiful shade of yellow gold characterizes the story of every couple, from their first encounter to their eternal support to each other.
Diamond Romeo & Juliet are both made of polished white gold and feature a flawlessly round shape. Paved with diamonds, Juliet shines as beautifully as the woman it adorns. As for Romeo, a diamond is secretly hidden in the inward curve, symbolizing a talisman that will bond the lovers together forever - till death do us part.

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