《Baker @ Timeless & Exquisite Furniture》

When it comes to describing world-renowned furniture brand Baker, these eloquent terms often resonate throughout audience’s ears. Baker's rich history can be dated as far back as the 1890s with Siebe Baker, who started the company in Zeeland, Michigan. After Siebe’s son Hollis took over the company in 1925, he hired a number of European furniture craftsmen, whose ancestors had taught the English furniture-manufacturing skills two centuries earlier. Through his neo-classical series, Hollis Baker had expressed his desire for excellence by adapting furniture made only for nobles and royalties, yet offered them to those who share the same vision and taste. Other than the timeless pieces, Baker has collaborated with world-renowned designers in offering modern or contemporary style furniture series bearing their names, while applying the same pursuit of highest quality craftsmanship and design. Baker’s 120 years of history of excellence is the reason why many instantly connect it with luxury and quality. Such is unparalleled and unmatched by any competition on the market. Baker's designers Sir Humphry Wakefield and Barbara Barry will be visiting Hong Kong in May and October 2012 respectively, for further info, visit  http://www.bakerfurniture.com/baker/index.jsp

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