The Organic Pharmacy @ The Ultimate Slimming Duo Resculpting Body Scrub & Gel

The Organic Pharmacy introduces its all-new Resculpting Body Scrub and Resculpting Body Gel at a luncheon hosted recently by the co-founder and Director of the brand, Margo Marrone who came all the way from London to share her love with organic, herbs and homeopathy well-being.
Designed to lift and smooth the skin, reduce the size of fat cells and improve circulation, the resculpting body range has been shown to decrease thigh and waist size by 1 – 2 inches within 3 weeks. The Resculpting Duo is also excellent to use on upper arms and works for both women and men to flatten the tummy area.
Developed to work in conjunction with each other, the Resculpting Body Scrub’s gel-based formula rinses off easily, leaving the skin smooth, soft, nourished and ready to receive the Resculpting Body Gel. The range’s key ingredients are green coffee and chilli. Caffeine in the green coffee stimulates the hydrolysis of fats; this reduces the size of fat cells that give the skin the uneven and dimpled effect known as cellulite. The chilli increases blood flow by ‘heating’ the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the green coffee. This results in better circulation, allowing the body to eliminate the hydrolysis by-products more rapidly.
Other best-seller and essential summer must-have includes: The Collagen Boost Mask, Carrot Butter Cleanser, Antioxidant Face Gel, Antioxidant Face Firming Serum, Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream. Summer is approaching and it is about time to re-shape your body before the new bathers are being put on.

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