《TOMMY HILFIGER Denim @ SS2012 Collection》

Tommy Hilfiger Denim SS2012 collection is inspired by a range of classic, youthful American looks, both vintage and modern. The <Kids of America> takes things back to the Tommy Hilfiger Denim blueprint. The group offers a pure, all-American vintage feel, based around the classic Hilfiger color combination of red, white and blue. The collection is dominated by timeless wardrobe staples like checked shirts, denim jackets, and polos with bold color blocking.
 <Vintage League> finds inspiration in the high-school gym classes of 1970s America. Hanging out at the back of the class, we find the kids who are always picked last, and would rather be somewhere else. They’re clad in old-school fleeces, soft checks, uneven stripes and collegiate logos, with muted grays, light blues and vintage yellows; the kind of sun-faded colors that define photos of the period. The feel is slackerish and a little quirky.
The <New Poets Society> returning once again to the high school campuses of 1970s America, this time it’s the bookish, artsy kids who provide inspiration. For girls, the feel is dreamy and floaty: think floral shirts, washed-out colors, and lace. For boys, a nerdy-but-cool look is key, with fitted, pastel colors and old-school checks. They’re clothes for an afternoon spent strumming a guitar on the couch, with a volume of poetry at your elbow.
The <Blue Collection> is a celebration of American vintage clothing, combining authentic details and high-end fabrics in celebration of the roots of the Tommy Hilfiger Denim brand. Throughout the collection a feeling of pure prep dominates – both in the choice of colors (vintage brights) and in the clean, fresh fabrics used. Key pieces include timeless classics like cricket sweaters, polo shirts, and Oxfords.

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