JET 8 S.T.Dupont New Concept Store Opens @ LANDMARK

 French menswear house JET 8 S.T.Dupont opens its brand new concept store at LANDMARK MEN, Central. Celebrities and style makers demonstrate the freshness of Parisian charm by wearing the lastest collection.
The up-and-coming singer, Alfred Hui dressed in a fresh shade of pink names JET 8 S.T.Dupont’s Colouful POLO shirt collection as his favourite. “I remember trying to catch the attention of girls in high school by wearing colourful and vibrant shades like bright blue and yellow. But when I started University as a dental student, I wanted to portray a more professional look; I opted for more neutral tones like beige and canary. My love for experimenting with different looks and more exciting colours began when I entered a singing competition and my style has progressively evolved throughout my singing career.”
Actor Michael Tse reveals his personal secret to dressing; pairing vibrant colours together to showcase his colourful career path. “As part of a boy band, I dressed in bright reds and orange. But as I eased into my acting career staring in police drama, I dressed the part in darker, deeper shades of blues, grays and black. And I revisited a more colourful style during a televised dance competition series, dancing in energetic hues of blue and pinks with a mix of patterns. I love to dress in different styles during different stages of my career, bringing more vibrancy into my life.”

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  1. Tse Tin Wah really gets good taste which would dictate his choice indeed of being a spokesperson he would be the worth picking too.
    Thank for posting his pictures.