《Alexa & Tood @ Pure Dead Brilliant》

ALEXA & TODD Hong Kong’s premium Australian designer brands’ boutique, and PRETTY DANGEROUS , the purveyor of cutting-edge jewellery introduces  PURE DEAD BRILLIANT (pdb) — a men and women’s modern jewellery brand that specialises in gold, silver and brass “wearable art.” pdb  was launched by Nora Logan, who grew up in Hong Kong, London and New York, and also lived in Florence, Scotland and Paris. Logan moved to Bali after finishing a degree in Art History and French, and decided to create her own collection of jeweller that reflected her international lifestyle and “global tribe” background. pdb  is about having fun with jewellery and making a statement. Created from a mix of easy-to-wear materials — 925 sterling silver, 22ct gold vermeil and brass — Logan draws upon the local resources in Bali, working with the most talented and expert artisans to make her unique “pure dead brilliant” pieces. Further info, visit www.alexaandtodd.com

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