《LOEWE @ SS2012 Oro Collection》

1975 was a landmark year in the history of both Madrid and Loewe where the emblematic Oro (Spanish for ‘gold’) line was launched, just as the city was experiencing its very own Golden Age. Madrid has remained a never-ending source of inspiration for Loewe since the brand was founded, it was then became the driving force of modernisation throughout Spain during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Loewe created the Oro collection of bags, which went on to be worn by several generations and inspired by the creative and youthful spirit of Madrid's contemporary cultural scene. The first generation was represented by the popular TV programme La Edd de Oro. (‘The Golden Age’), which embodied the new artistic, cultural and musical movement that was then in full swing. Now in 2012, Twelve young artists will form the face of this collection, which highlights their connection with the bold, imaginative Madrid of the 1970s and 1980s, this new generation takes up the baton with a revisited Oro collection in time for Loewe’s own nouvelle Golden Age.
The heirs of that cultural scene, many of whom are children or relatives of the former protagonists, have now become the ultimate ambassadors for the Oro bag. Most of 2012's new golden boys and girls come from Madrid or are based there: the painter María Forqué; Lorena Prain, an artist specialising in illustration; Andrea Ferrer, who works in publishing and public relations; and the photographer Antonio Mingot. Also from Madrid are María Ronsenfeldt, Víctor Vergara and sisters Lucía y Helena Cuesta, all of them design students. The group also includes Martin Rivas, a popular actor from La Coruña (Galicia); the young journalism student Sita Abellán from Murcia; Carlos Sáez, a video artist from Valencia; and the musician Josep Xorto from Barcelona.
 The new Oro SS2012 collection includes the two best-selling Loewe bags, Amazona and Alta: brand new features include the addition of handles and straps in fluorescent colours and special retro and exclusive details. In addition to a small pouch, Loewe has also created two updated versions of bags in its archive from the late 1970s and early 1980s. Chosen on account of the fact they date back to Madrid's original Golden Age, they are now called Lars and Luna, re-created especially for this Oro collection.

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