《Sonia Rykiel @ SS2012》

Sonia Rykiel SS2012 has the sun refracts into shots of pale light. Pastel hues emerge on off-white, pink and yellow dresses. An impatient stroke of black shadows her as she walks, tracing her clipped pace down the length of her dress. A black line etches out her silhouette, encircling her neck, grazing her back, runs down the length of her leg on wide, linen blend pants, striping her bust on an airy knit sweater. An almost powdery pink skirt and infinite pleats of georgette over shorts simulate transparency as she hastens on her way. Low boots in colorful fishnet are easy to jump into. She wears a white suit and immaculate guipure just like Garbo. A mirror-bag flashes on her arm. In her hair, a streak of metallic black glistens throughout the summer.
She wears a blouse as lightly as a perfume. A gust ripples her dress, which is the color of a pale sun. On her feet dancing shoes. Perennial pansies on a diaphanous dress Standing before the beach, she poses in the light, her herringbone print linen suit appears inside out. On her shoulder is a two-tone, dual folded bag that encircles her waist and encloses her world. Warm air ripples her beige and gold sweater with its unruly stripes, a Bowie-style look. A patchwork of citron, saffron, chalk and black, cut clean through by jump shorts; on her head she wears a double cap the better to play multiple roles Intensified prints tell the story of a vibrant, whirlwind life. Her figure is revealed by an evanescent dress structured by a charcoal stroke, stretched like a bathing suit, offered like lingerie... The image is revealed.

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