The Williamsburg Hotel Brooklyn - Cherish Memorable Moments & Be Where It All began

While travelers are only focusing on Manhattan to look for their accommodation, one may have overlooked the possibilities in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that is now becoming the new hang out for the locals and visitors alike. Chic and boutique design hotels are rising to excite this arty neighborhood and The Williamsburg Hotel is one of the definite options to go to, even for the New Yorkers for a relaxing weekend staycation. Let yourself be seduced by the sleek and alluring interior design and décor with a view over Manhattan. mylifestylenews writes.

Brooklyn for some New Yorkers is out of their comfort zone, as stepping into other boroughs may be considered too much of a hassle. Williamsburg is now one of Brooklyn’s most popular and exciting neighborhoods of late to explore and to set foot in to discover a more unique lifestyle. From an industrial area and a place for artists who were priced out of Manhattan in the 90’s, Williamsburg has transformed into the epicenter of Brooklyn’s hipster culture.

With just three Subway stops on the L train over to Manhattan Union Square Station from Bedford Avenue where the heart of Williamsburg is, you can now soak up the creative energy and young vibe, garnering a lot of buzz lately and straddles old and new with lively arts, music, trendy cafes, bars, restaurants and chic design stores.

With a plethora of chic boutique hotels opened and revitalization in the sleepy old industrial area, the vibrant soul shines, yet some things in this hipster-hood remain timeless. The food and beverage scene is now a buzz with international cuisines and you have a surfeit of choice that is really enjoyable to see. It is a mecca for young and creative minded fashionistas since the early aughts with its indie feel and surrounds, Williamsburg is full of potentials against all odds.

The Williamsburg Hotel can be easily seen from Wyeth Avenue for its skinny and rustic bricks façade, glass, Corten steel exterior and the replica giant water tower on the roof (an icon in most Brooklyn buildings designed in the past decades) to pay homage to the block’s historic, now defunct, wooden water tower factory which is now a lookout tower for the magnificent view of Manhattan and a special event venue.  A colorful re-modified tuk–tuk motor vehicle welcomes everyone’s arrival and also serves as a good means of transport to ferry guests to the nearby sights as well as to the Subway station.

Opened in Spring 2018, The Williamsburg Hotel stands at the nexus of history and history in the making. This eight-story,150-room offers a white-gloves-off, fun and full-service-on venture bringing a whole new standard to Brooklyn. Entering from the street level, the reception can be accessed by the lobby lift or a giant spiral wooden stairway. What strikes your eyes immediately is the centre stage copper bar with a multicolored “concertina” alike on top. Brick tiles encompass the industrial and contemporary jewel tones, with velvet sofas and furniture instantly giving you a designed hotel feel and style with character from the first impression. The double-heights ceiling creates a spacious cozy airspace with the adjacent newly renamed Mediterranean restaurant with Orient twist Seven Seeds which is also the all-day dining of the hotel.

Check-in was done efficiently by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who was from the neighborhood. Extra insight tips are always a bonus when a local tells you where to go and what to do especially when you are new to the area.

Despite the slow in motion operated two hotel lifts that ferry guests to their rooms and up to the roof top pool and bar, the long hallway on each floor leading to the rooms with painted black walls gives an unusual welcome. Do look up for the room number highlighted with a beam of light in order to find your assigned room or you may end up walking back and forth along the long hallway.

Our 220sqf Queen Terrace Room comes with floor-to-ceiling windows and private balcony looking out to the enviable Manhattan skyline as well as share-worthy views of Brooklyn and the East River. The aqua blue tiles furnishing the bathroom wall juxtaposed well with the brass shower head in the white tub together with the rain shower head as well as the marble top vanity. The eclectic modern industrial aesthetic is certainly back in style and works perfectly well in a design boutique hotel like this. Toiletries supplies by Apotheke are handmade in Brooklyn with exclusivity and engaging intimately with the local community.

Room is compact and colorful. The King size bed has taken up almost the entire usable room size adorned with a large brown chesterfield leather headboard against a whitewashed timber wall.  Above the ceiling hangs a paper “cloud” design motif oversized mood lamp with textured details adding more design elements to the room. The bathroom’s shower is separated by the square layered glass factory windows with tinted effect only at the lower part. So, if you are sharing room with someone less intimate, privacy is an issue here.

The mini bar is “visible”. A small premium selection of snacks and alcohol are well displayed in a black solid wooden tray on a glass top side table for your enjoyment. A color theme designed umbrella and a thick linen tote bag are hang on the hallway’s wall for your usage while you are out and about. Soft cotton bathrobes are provided but not slippers.

Visiting the roof top pool is a must when you are staying in The Williamsburg Hotel. The outdoor rooftop pool perched above the city streets is an oasis that boasts breathtaking views across the water, day and night. The 40ft pool may not be as big to cater for the flow of the hotel guests even not in the high season during our stay but sun lounges are not in short supply. The rooftop bar is another recent talk-of-the-town to watch the sunset and to be mesmerized by the uninterrupted Manhattan view.

Service is laid-back but friendly and always ready to assist. Waking up on the right side of the river is never too cliché and be inspired by the stylish neighborhood full of creatives, dreamers, and doers making things happen and cherish memorable moments and be where it all began. The “new Brooklyn” has risen.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Housekeeping: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Design & Deco

 96 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn NY,
Tel: +1 718 362 8100

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