Armine Ohanyan SS2019 Haute Couture Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

Armine Ohanyan SS2019 Haute Couture Collection plays between shapes, lights and movement comes together to create a skillful harmony.

We are transported to an unreal world where the beauty of nature is preserved.

This is a new collection that represents all the richness of the sea floor, its intense colors and all its unique and surprising beauty.

Nature is under threat by mankind so the designer draws attention to the causes of its destruction, such as climate change and other pollution on the species, wildlife and the biotope.

When using plastic waste as embroideries and illustrating the alteration of the colors of the aquatic flora, the Designer denounces the stakes of ecology.

The use of new technology as 3D printing, using materials less common in textiles such as silicone and techniques like laser cutting reinforces her creations a modern image, even futuristic, revealing her as the incarnation of the new generation in Haute-Couture.



<The artist uses the Nature as model, the Nature provides his inspirations>
-Victor Cherbuliez

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