GIVENCHY SS2019 Advertising Campaign

 Building on the edgy elegance of outtake-style clips, the Givenchy SS2019 advertising campaign offers a series of irreverent and at times brazen images filmed during a studio sitting with the photographer Steven Meisel. Iconic imagery from the Nineties informs a pure Givenchy vision in a sharp, sensual series starring individualistic, androgynous characters set against a stark white backdrop. Often, fetishistic elements play elegantly surrealistic supporting roles.

A voiceover recorded on-set commands, suggestively, “Up! and down!”, “Stand up! Look away!”. More sexually explicitly, the voice teases, “Let me spin you round and round” as a model toys with a pair of silver balls; “bon appétit” as another coolly eats a banana, or “Yes, egg!” as an egg Surrealistically emerges from this season’s handbag, the Whip.

Crystal-fringed eyewear, an egg, cross-body bags, hardware and bold mono-earrings make seductive cameos as black latex-clad fingers wearing statement rings caress black stockings over mirror-finish pumps. Models fix the viewer with a mordant gaze: Surreal or quotidian as their gestures may appear, they’re hardly attainable. Pure, strong and striking, the Givenchy SS2019 campaign recalls that fashion is always and forever a question of perspective. Nothing is ever exactly as it seems and the mystery that lives in the House of Givenchy is always a subject of fascination.

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