MCM SS2019 Advertising Campaign

MCM SS2019 German luxury purveyor ‘soars the skies’, inviting discerning global connoisseurs to embark on the latest aero-inspired campaign entitled ‘Luft’. Celebrating flight in all forms, the latest campaign pays a mobility-themed tribute to air travel, reimagining the aesthetics of aviation into a modern expression. Conceived after the German word for ‘air’, the latest campaign illustrates MCM’s DNA of mobility and freedom through dynamic, pop-inspired visuals. From vibrant, atmospheric colors to billowing silhouettes, the campaign embraces unrestrained individualism & non-conformity where fashion and freedom intersect. Amidst a vibrant backdrop of atmospheric tones, ‘Luft’ celebrates the collection’s lightweight designs by presenting models virtually walking on air, created by billowing nylon parachutes and fluid colorscapes. The SS2019 campaign conceptualizes the collection’s empowering featherweight designs by celebrating contemporary forerunners who trailblaze their own paths.  Presenting a youthful mood and an unapologetic attitude, MCM’s SS2019 heroes portray both an arrival and a destination, whose voyage is conveyed by their confident irreverence.  Starring artist & musician Peggy Gou and renowned skater Tolia Titaev, the campaign represents hungry creatives, learners and executors, depicting an intercontinental generation whose inspirations are driven by arts, music and culture. Through exploration and exchange, MCM becomes the complete embodiment of pioneers who forge their own destinies.  The campaign continues MCM’s creative partnership with 032c, the Berlin-based ‘manual for freedom, research & creativity’ whose team also lent their informed, intelligent and bold aesthetic to the SS2019 campaign. Shot in Berlin by German photographer Jonas Lindstroem and styled by 032c’s Marc Goehring, the campaign celebrates the city’s new creative vanguard, and a new era for MCM. The SS2019 campaign & collection symbolize unbound freedom, endless discovery and intrepid adventure, presenting a full men’s and women’s ready-to-wear range of apparel and accessories for the first time. 

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