TOD’S Presents “T Factory”

 TOD’S embarks the project “T Factory”, a series of collaboration in which talents from all areas of creativity are invited to give their own take on TOD’S DNA. This dialogue with designers will give rise to immediately available capsule collections and limited editions presented number of times a year. The new calendar reflects a new creative approach.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua inaugurates the project, the first of a series, with a wardrobe of sensually tactile elegance and accessories in which the unmistakable Tod's “gommini” embrace moccasins and flat-heel ballerinas with a velvet bow or stretch ankle boots. A strong and sophisticated synthesis, underscored by a meticulous choice of just three colours:  TOD’S tan and Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s signature “rosa cipria” and black.

Italian lifestyle sets the scene: innate good taste and saper vivere, wherever, whenever. An exploration of what is beautiful simply because it is made beautifully. Italian excellence Going through the knowhow of expert hands and unique minds, selecting the finest materials to transform them into pieces of incomparable quality.

The project unites heritage, innovation and creativity, since innovation thrives only when you free the creativity with awareness of your roots. The Handmade Signature is a distinctive script: exquisite finishes give personality to the encounter between metropolitan cool and artisanal ‘Italianity’.

International Appeal is the result. Italian style, when genuine, speaks a language without frontiers, rooted in harmony and subtle contrasts. The coming together of Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s vision and the Italian excellence of Tod’s creates a “nonchalant glamour”The unveiling of a new wardrobe; a lifestyle.

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