CHAUMET @ The Enchanted Tiara - A Modern Fairy Tale

Chaumet heads off the beaten track to explore innovative and fun pastures new : the world of childhood, a first of the Maison. The Enchanted Tiara - A Modern Fairy Tale tells a story of transmission from one generation to the next, in an unending life cycle. Its circular carousel format echoes and symbolizes this perpetual movement. Here the tiara, the Maison’s signature piece, is a gift passed from mother to daughter, and represents the transformative journey from girl to woman and mother. A book with a universal message, for children and adults.

In six paper cut-out scenes, The Enchanted Tiara relates the journey of a young girl in a captivating Paris, from her first steps to the first love, to the day she gives birth to her own little girl. The illustrations by Helena Druvett, paper designer and author of numerous best-selling books, describe happy scenes, accompanied by dreamy short poetic texts. The book is an ode to colour, characteristic of the Maison. The Chaumet deep blue on the cover, then a dominant tone for each scene,  are enhanced by the brilliance of warm gold. The jewelry virtuosity of Chaumet pulse through this exquisite tome.

A third Chaumet box set published by Assouline completes the thematic collection launched in 2016. A recurrent release, this new one provides a fascinating insight into the Maison through a series of themes each highlighting a facet of Chaumet culture. Extensively illustrated, this third box set offers discoveries from the four corners of the world.

Les Mondes de Chaumet lifts the veil on those “ elsewheres ” that have been inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the Maison from the start, from the confines of Asia to the vast expanses of Africa and Russia. From archival documents at 12, Place Vendôme to the three chapters devoted to the Les Mondes de Chaumet High Jewellery collection, the Maison has always sought to look beyond its horizon, engaging with faraway and artistic cultures to constantly reinvent itself.

Crown Jewels recounts the close connections Chaumet has always enjoyed with the reigning families of Europe and further afield, sealed by numerous orders or regalia and majestic adornments. These jewels still exist today,s handed  down from generation to generation, still worn on major official occasions, or preserved and exhibited in the greatest  museums and collections around the world.

Figures of style celebrates women of character who have long been faithful to the Maison, depicting the encounter between the jewellery virtuosity of Chaumet and the unique taste possessed by these personalities who marked their respective eras. Having been a part of their lives for over two centuries, the art if jewellery reflects the emancipation of Western  women - their social enfranchisement, sartorial freedom and aesthetic expression.

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