Cochine Introduces Cedar & Vietnamese Oud - New Limited Edition Luxury Candle

Inspired by the incense filled temples found hidden deep in the forests of Central Vietnam, Cochine’s new fragrance blends rich, velvety tones of Cedar and Sandalwood with the precious resins of Amber and Oud. Top notes of Lotus Flower combine with leathery, smoky base notes to create this deeply luxurious fragrance. Available in a limited edition, slate grey candle glass decorated with an intricate silver lattice design that makes a perfect scent for sumptuous winter evenings. Oud is a precious resin derived from the Aquilaria tree. Highly coveted for centuries and used to make incense and in religious ceremonies across Asia, it was revered for its curative and medicinal properties. Known in Vietnam as the ‘wood of the gods’, in its purest form, extracted Oud can cost up to US$30,000 for just one kilogram. Indigenous to Vietnam, the Aquilaria tree was harvested almost to extinction last century thanks to its extraordinary fragrance and scarcity. With plantations in Ha Tinh, Phu Quoc and Binh Phuoc, they are working tirelessly to reintroduce the Aquilaria tree to its natural habitat, providing an ecologically sound and trustworthy source of its precious resins and developing processes that will protect it for centuries to come. The Incense Cedar tree is an evergreen found towering high in the mountainous areas of Central Vietnam, its wonderful, smoky scent evokes misty forests and alpine evenings. Combined with Vietnamese Oud for the first time in this fragrance, the two blend perfectly to deliver a rich, sophisticated eau de parfum for the home.

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