Hermès AW2018/19 Home Collection

Purity of line, density of material... Pli’H introduces a new series of change trays and desk accessories. With minimal cuts from a sheet of supple and robust bridle leather, and four saddle stitches in white linen thread, the material folds into essential dimensions. creation by Studio Hermès.

PENCIL TRAY brick bridle leather
L 24 × W 13 × H 4 cm
L 9 1/2 × W 5 1/8 × H 1 5/8 in.

Serving the objects is the purpose of these four creations. The necklace bust is inspired by an instrument used to adjust the collars of horse harnesses, from the Émile Hermès collection. The boxes provide an ideal home for jewellery, stationery or desk accessories. The scarf box revisits the sewing box. While the Attrape-rêves serves not just for filtering dreams but also for attaching scarves, ties or photographs. creation by Studio Hermès in collaboration with Guillaume Delvigne and Damian O’Sullivan. 

PHI boxes in natural maple and lacquered wood 
Two variants: Turkey red, indigo. 
L 32 × W 22 × H 6 cm & L 12 3/5 × W 8 5/8 × H 2 3/8 in.

Cones, spheres and other geometrical figures: the Avalon plaid is dressed in Gianpaolo Pagni’s Formes simples. Four dye baths create the Chinese game on Avalon tangram in cashmere. It also appears under the horses’ hoods in Camails tangram. Meanwhile, Clic clac pointillés combines illustrative lines with minimalist expression, and Tartan explores fuzzy, floating, downy effects in five colour combinations.

AVALON TANGRAM hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-overdyed cashmere 100% cashmere five variants: sand, mahogany, sunshine, indigo, espelette.
140 × 180 cm – 55 1/8 × 70 7/8 in.

The trays and change trays are animated with chevrons, lattices and other patterns borrowed from the collections of ties and silk scarves. Colours, illustrations and patterns give expression to the maple, whose veining is just visible through the transparency of the designs. TRAYS natural maple bridle leather

Small model: 
L 35 × W 22 × H 3 cm
L 13 3/4 × W 8 2/3 × H 1 1/5 in.

Two variants: 
Clic clac quadrillé, Tresses

Large model: 
L 45 × W 35 × H 3 cm
L 17 3/4 × W 13 3/4 × H 1 1/5 in.

Two variants: 
Promenade au Faubourg, Herringbone Pencil

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