TOD'S AW2018 CIAO Advertising Campaign

Ciao, A casual gesture that goes unnoticed in its spontaneity yet in every part of the world the day starts, ends and starts again with a Ciao. TOD’S celebrates Ciao, the Italian greeting par excellence, that has become a global symbol. So much said in a brief moment forming a ‘click’ or a special link, Ciao connects the entire planet and creates a friendly feeling among the people.

With the vision of photographer Craig McDean who captures the distinguished natural feel in the Advertising Campaign, TOD’S presents an unprecedented portrait of Made in Italy, alongside all ways to say Ciao.

In the campaign visuals and behind the scenes video, the lead character is this Ciao gesture that appears to smile, together with the movements of the hands, encapsulating Italian lifestyle elegance. A gesture appropriated in an instant, its ease. A friendly and viral Ciao for each and everyone.

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