CGear Escape To The Outdoor In Comfort

CGear - Australian outdoor lifestyle brand established since 2003 for its unique ‘dual layer weave’ technology providing outdoor escapes free from sand, dirt and dust - bringing to you the ‘unrivalled comfort in nature’.

Originally, the patented CGear fabric was invented for military use to reduce brown out during helicopter landing and takeoff. In 2010, the first consumer product was introduced to the U.S. market and it rapidly became a favorite of beach lovers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

CGear offers both an innovative and diverse product range to fit a choice of activities from exploration, relaxing retreats, action-packed to social events. Whether it be surfing at the beach, camping in the forest, hiking up a mountain, a picnic by the lake or enjoying a music festival, CGear is sure to have the solution for you. Striving to be a leading innovator of outdoor equipment delivering stylish essentials for recreation in nature.

SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat
Softness and sand-free no coexist. SANDLITE weave is a new weave created with a softer and lighter material that easily folds into a small piece with a handle to carry away with you. With the softness and un-deniable comfort, SANDLITE is just like any towel or picnic blanket on the market with the unique benefit of being sand-free. SANDLITE will disappear sand, dirt and dust in the same way the original and comfort weave do.

SANDLITE is a soft, light and colourful sand-free mat that is truly appropriate to cater to the advanced requirements of today’s consumer. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The oversized design allows one person to easily lie down on the mat without encountering any sand or dirt on the ground around the mat. Multiple people can comfortably use the mat for sitting as well. If dirt or sand is kicked onto the SANDLITE Sand-Free Mat it will fall through the specially designed weave of the fabric and any remaining particles can quickly be brushed through with a sweep of the hand.


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