The Chedi Luštica Bay Spa Nourishing Wellness

A well-planned vacation will not be complete without pampering yourself with a rejuvenation that would enhance your well being and lifestyle. The newly opened Spa at The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro promises you a nourishing wellness treatment…only  if you encourage yourself to turn off the phone and slow down your pace the moment you step into the world of silence and contemplation. mylifestylenews writes.

Located at the lower level of The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro, once you pass through a sensor sliding glass door you are welcomed by the spa therapist behind the half moon shape white desk with a warm and gentle smile. The high ceiling and wooden panel mounted on the wall is contrasting with the standing floor lamp that was designed with branches reminiscent of a standing tree disseminating lights to the entire ambience. Integrated well polished logs serves as small coffee table which compliments the earth tone beige sofa and gives you a more relaxed and cozy mood even before the spa treatments begins.

Passing through the short hallway before heading to the treatment rooms, to the left is the indoor swimming pool that was designed with a thick glass edge wall which you can basically see the underwater action on the ground level.

Artificial wall plants greet on upon entering the indoor pool area with light refreshments provided on the bench. The gym is separated by the glass wall with thick curtains, more tree branch designed floor lamps are placed around the pool area with white stone walls adding a more rustic and natural mood to the entire area.

A few more indoor sun lounges for further relaxation as well as two poster daybeds spread around with light drapes to provide privacy sit at each corner of the lengthy swimming pool with a floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the Luštica Bay’s boulevard.

Unisex steam room and sauna facilities are available as well as an experience shower which combines a unique variety of multi-temperature water sequences and pressure with soothing chromatherapy, relaxing acoustics and rejuvenating aroma. Experiences are pre-programmed with different LED lights, water, sound and music offers different mood and experience.

The Chedi Luštica Bay Asian-inspired spa philosophy originates from the healing traditions of exotic Bali, Spiritual India and the sacred land of Tibet to create authentic cultural experiences within the context of health and wellness. The spa menu is dedicated to the restoration of strength and beauty achieved through a balance of body, mind and spirit. The Spa features a selection of beauty and body treatments including invigorating polishes, purifying mask and therapeutic massages that are designed to stimulate the senses, rejuvenate the mind and soothe both body and soul.

The treatment room is spacious and a very minimalist design continues with earth tone wooden walls and floor panels. Both electric folding massage spa beds are the centre piece of the room and adjustable hidden lightings in the ceiling. We have picked the 90 minutes Signature Massage and Thai massage. The Signature Massage is a Thai Fusion Therapy by using an organic range of essential oils to create a deeply relaxing full body de-stressing and unwinding experience to soothe and smoothe your body followed by a famous Thai Yoga stretching technique and completed with the Lympathic face massage to reduce skin tiredness.  The Thai Massage is a dry massage to boot the body energy that combines acupressure and stretching with stimulation and manipulation of energy to balance flexibility and reduce fatigue.

Despite the spa music being a little high in volume, the 90 minutes treatments seemed to pass too quickly especially when you are in an indulgent mood. We were then adjourned to the resting lounge where hot tea was served in order for us to have a look back and revive from the sensational treatment as well as to collect our soul back before heading back to the changing room to put our attire back on.

Take a step backward in order to let our body and soul re-connect before we make a further step forward. It is the absolute must for those who seek serenity and rejuvenation especially when we are away from our busy life. Following a good treatment that is dedicated to relaxation, a good massage is truly more that skin-deep and after all, we need pampering from time to time……the luxurious Chedi way.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Novo Naselie b.b.
Radovici, TIvat
Tel: +382 32 661 266

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