Marimekko AW2018 Hong Kong Presentation

Marimekko wants to empower women with design and stories by growth for this AW2018 Collection. Enlightened by both personal and nature’s growth stories, Marimekko design team drew inspiration from wood, a symbol of growth in nature as one of the key elements for the new collection. 

To echo the theme of growth, the collection also features a dialogue between contemporary prints and iconic archive prints from 50’s to 60’s.

Bold print in ripened colours of blue, green, grey and red are highlighted in metallic details and pastel accents.

Crafted in folklore-inspired silhouettes with materials ranging from silk, poplin, wool and velvet, the collection fully showcases Marimekko’s art of print making, timeless and versatile design heritage.

Also introducing a classic and timeless compilation in Marimekko most iconic and recognizable prints – Unikko & Kivet, as essential pieces to take part in your journey and milestone towards our growth. These versatile pieces come in great quality, functionality and wearability, which echo with the core values we uphold utmost to bring joy to your daily wardrobe for life.

Throughout the year 2018 Marimekko celebrates the 550th anniversary of one of its most beloved stripe patterns, Tasaraita (evenly striped).

Designer Annika Rimala crested this new symbol for the era of unisex in 1968, a time of reformist and brave ideas and actions, where passionate battles for equality also extended to fashion.

This iconic stripe has been part of Marimekko cotton jersey line ever since, our symbol of equality regardless of gender, age or race; and during 50th anniversary the print grows into woven cotton line for the first time.

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