The ROK - A Bright Flavour By The Sea

Outdoor dining is a definite must with a gentle sea breeze blowing in from the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. By soaking up the late summer sun with an elevated view from rocky terrace by the cliff surrounding the beach, The ROK Beach Bar at The Chedi Luštica Bay is the new hang out adding new vibes to this newly developed precinct in Montenegro. mylifestylenews writes.

The ROK Beach Bar is set upon a natural rock terrace which has been hewn into the cliff surrounding the beach. A giant food truck stationed atop the rocks sets the backdrop of the entire outdoor dining area with plentiful sun roof shadings installed sheltering this elevated zone. This natural extension is ideal for sipping cocktails, laid-back bites to watch the world go by as well as to enjoy mesmerizing sunsets and even moonlight parties when the weather condition permits.

Colorful wood-topped oil drum tables set the mood of a rustic and relaxed dining experience on the upper level. A few steps below aligned with all white painted tables and benches as well as the wire bar fencing panels compliments the dramatic panorama of turquoise Adriatic waters of The Chedi Luštica Bay private beach.

Groovy lounge music fills the open air with a light and easy mood, blue polo top and yellow shorts wait staff juggling the service, occasionally prompting to the assembled table by offering what drinks and munchies that best suit the occasion. Our personal advice is to ask for any recommendation from them for some of the best regional wines that offer unique blends and characters.

Although the food truck kitchen only manages to cater for light-bites prior to the soft-opening, complex dishes that required more cooking attention can still be delivered from the hotel’s main kitchen when an order is placed and subject to availability.

We started our meals with the Šopska Salad – A refreshing local version of Greek Salad with creamy and rich village cheese with crunchy cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, onion ring that were cut in chunky bite sizes.

You can’t miss the Montenegrin Prosciutto and cheese, with the thinly sliced and rolled in a cone shape prosciutto seemingly mundane but let that smooth texture and fruity aromatic flavor delight you, as it is simply divine for its taste of origin. Semi hard milky cheese and black olives from the local producer is best to compliment with these snacks along with some great Montenegro Chardonnay.

The half-peeled Shrimps came before the hot dishes accompanied by chickpeas, fresh tomatoes and a bed of lettuce. Some may comment the taste is rather flat and yet this is best to enjoy and taste the freshness of sea where the big shrimps are being blanched instead of cooked with a different method.

The large plates of Grilled Chicken & Beef Steak is slightly on the salty side yet both the chicken and steak were still quite tender and being served in quite a generous portion even for the serving of two.

Dessert came with homemade Orange Tiramisu. Creamy yet airy and firm texture topped with orange peel to create a zesty palate that is to our surprise to end the meal. 

For a rustic and relaxed outdoor dining experience set against an uninterrupted backdrop of the sea and The Chedi Luštica Bay view, The ROK’s bright flavours from the Mediterranean is another gathering spot by the relaxing harbor for you to mingle to the energetic vibe of the soundtrack by the sea.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Montenegrin Prosciutto and cheese
Orange Tiramisu

Novo Naselie b.b.
Radovici, TIvat
Tel: +382 32 661 266

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