FURLA AW2018 Hong Kong Presentation

Freedom. Independence. Poetry. The freedom of sports, the independence of streetwear, the poetry of listening to one's moods. Listening to one’s own voice without fear: the greatest luxury, for the women, in these complicated times. Living cozily, comfortably in one’s skin via the sporty inspiration behind the bags and the artisanal inspiration of the sneakers. Comfort as gift: a gift that women give themselves.

Sports as a center of gravity: the speed of running, the pace of tennis, the sharpness and precision of fencing, the padding of boxing, the colored metal ropes of climbing, the intricate glitter embroidery of skating. The idea: to mix, playfully, as in a game, details taken from the sneakers to decorate the bags.

Bags with extremely technical details, created in collaboration with clothing companies, panels with exclusive workmanship that bring to one’s mind the softness of duvets. Bags as light as they are technical: the lightness remains even with the volumes of the larger sized bags.

Furla Polar: 
The zippered top handles, very technical

Furla Bomber: 
The underarm, with a voluminous flap whose "street" technical effect evokes subtle references to the Furla prints of the latest three seasons for a sophisticated and contemporary touch

Furla Artic: 
In XL size, fuller volumes, a round design with great lightness and simplicity and a leather handle.

The warm world of duvets but also the world of synthetic fur: a friendly, playful mood that feels protective. The extreme innovation of materials becomes form and at the same time function.

For the Men's collection - A motorcycle is poetry in motion. Is simplicity: the clean line of the horizon. Complexity: a man’s emotions while riding his motorcycle. The challenge of the road not yet conquered.

The story of a journey through time: a man’s spirit – his desire for freedom expressing itself through the decades of Italian design. The curvilinear shapes of military motorcycles from the 1940s, the cool lightness of 1950s mopeds, the freewheelin’ 1960s and the austere, geometric lines of the 1970s/1980s.

Furla’s Mercurio line is inspired by the motorcycles designed in the 1940, the beauty of vintage lines; the motorcycle’s bodywork morphing into bags, the elegant and precious materials, the hardware’s light satin finish that reminds of a bike’s bolts.

Several models are proposed in the Men's AW2018 collection: the elegance of the bag in smooth calf leather, the majestic menace of wild animals, such as the panther and the geometric linearity of the almost industrial-looking, with its black and white Tartan. The motto Stay Reckless is inscribed on the bags in large, bold lettering.

The Furla Icaro line is inspired by the sheer power and strength of the great distance’s motorcycles, who need the highest degree of reliability. The design is aggressive, especially for the messenger bag (Furla’s new identifying product for the FW18 men’s collection). It's a line for men who love rock music, a line for bikers: the purity of the classic black studded leather’s jacket.

The edges are sewn and riveted, to obtain an unstructured look, with different combinations of colors and materials for a sporty and at the same time luxurious look. The Furla Ulisse line is a casual line that plays with customizations and special workmanship. A clean and unstructured look, obtained thanks to hidden seams, with a rich contrast of materials: oasi, with a grenade and soft skin and fleu, with smooth and structured leather.

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