Hit THE SPOT Restaurant & Lounge At The Chedi Luštica Bay Montenegro

With so many flash restaurants to explore, dining in Montenegro can be easily spoilt by choice. In this small culturist country that offers the best from the Adriatic Sea, you may want to hit the right spot when making up your mind for a meal to remember. The newly opened THE SPOT Restaurant and Lounge in The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro is the recent talk-of-the-town dining scene in this region. mylifestlenews writes.

Opened less than two months, The Spot is the brasserie-style restaurant that is the place to be in Montenegro. The newly developed Luštica Bay township houses the International hotel brand - The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro.  The entire area is new to many visitors and even to the locals and gradually, it will no doubt become the latest hangout to all when it enters to a more mature stage of development.

This stylish outlet really has some eye-catching design details which play on the seaside location, as its setting is on the Marina Promenade with endless sea vistas. Whether you want a leisurely brunch, light snack or casual dinner, this is the perfect choice to enjoy some memorable food.

This is an all-day dining option, which is very different from The Restaurant  - another all-day dining upstairs where breakfast, lunch and dinner can be had every day as well. THE SPOT Restaurant & Lounge is more fun and full of vibes, the moment you walk in from the ground floor entrance, you know you are in a playful space with elegant indoor furnishings and relaxing outdoor furniture options in which to soak up the summer atmosphere both night and day.

THE SPOT Restaurant Lounge plays with outdoor elements combining textured stone walls, rustic wood-beamed ceilings and soft pendant lighting, which provides a luminous ambience at night. The bar section is also a standout with a blue wall and gold leather-covered bar stools, so the overall design is eye-catching in a very attractive way and definitely is another picturesque spot to hang out while sipping the signature cocktails.

We decided to drop by for dinner and cocktails and we most definitely felt that we made the right choice. First of all, the service is very attentive, the environment makes you feel right at home and you begin browsing the menu with anticipation, particularly when you can see the culinary theatrics taking place in the showpiece open kitchen.

Secondly, the menu is very enticing and we started off with some Tapas bites recommendations to get the taste buds happening, with a Beef Cheek BOMB served with spicy brava sauce and green mojo. The beef cheeks were two large balls of succulent and juicy minced meat combined with potato with a ‘dressing’ of tomato sauce and some miniature green sprouts sprinkled on the top. It is more than just a generous portion for tapas and definitely worth going back for.

The 36 Month Iberican ham with tomato bread had such a distinctive flavor and coupled with the tomato bruschetta was a must try. And again the portion is more than a generous tapas serving.

Seafood figures largely on menus in this region, so we thought a taste of their Traste Bay Seafood Soup scented with local herbs and spices was the go. Don’t judge the book by its cover as the presentation may just look like Thai Tom Yum Goong (not to be said Tom Yum Goong is one of our all times favorites) but this soup was rich and intense in flavor, instantly giving you a fresh taste of the sea with each seafood ingredient superbly cooked but not overcooked delicate seafood - the treasures comes what lies beneath. One couldn’t have asked for a better dip into the flavor of the sea as there are chunks of cuttlefish, prawns, fish and stone clams in the delicious soup that is spiced up with local herbs.

This was followed by a bowl of Clams stewed in wine sauce, lemon cloud and thyme leaf. They were light and pleasant in taste with just the right balance of extras which encompassed white wine, thyme and lemon cloud – none of which took away from the freshness of the clams as the highlight of the dish. Totally fresh and taste from the sea and delectable.

Montenegrins love their meat, so we opted for a 28 Day Dry Aged Entrecôte with Romesco Sauce. The steak was perfection personified and the flavor of the beef was superb, with just the right amount of fat to add that fulsome taste. It can hardly go wrong when an entrecôte is served. Another plus side is you get to choose your steak knife to go with your mood, which is another nice touch from a bistro style restaurant.

Another main course we had was the Brick Pressed Half Chicken with Moroccan Carrot Salad. The chicken was unbeatable, juicy and tender. The portion may look small but the chicken has quite a substantial amount of meat.

We were quite sated at this point, but desserts kept on beckoning, so we dived into the menu once more to choose a White Chocolate and Matcha Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce and fresh Berries and Kirsch Macerated Strawberries with Basil Gel, Lemon Candy and Mascarpone Ice CreamKirsch Macerated strawberry dessert has a look of a crumbled mess about it. The portion is right and the taste is rich in the macerated fruit which is given a kick with the Kirsch liqueur that is offset by the coolness of the basil gel. The mascarpone ice cream sat atop the crumbly cake texture. This was a triumph in flavours and textures on both desserts we picked and quite a contrast in dessert making and flavours.

White Chocolate and Matcha Panna Cotta has a look of berries floating on a green pond with the taste truly in Matcha heaven, thick and rich and thus a very specific flavor that may not suit everyone, but if it does, you will love this creation.

THE SPOT Restaurant & Lounge menu is full of local ingredients ranging from produce encompassing fish, meats, olive oils and wines, so you will most definitely benefit from these tastes of Montenegro and the taste is spot on - thanks to its Catalan Chef who brought in its hometown flavours to bring more life to the menu creation.

 We asked for the waiter to select some local wines and we were not disappointed and couldn’t get over the value these wines offered not to say the menu is more that generously “under priced” especially for The Chedi international standard. The evening was memorable, as every detail had been thought of by the service team and they took the time and did not hesitate to explain their philosophy and give recommendations.

While we probably ordered more food than we anticipated, we could not help but try so many dishes, as the menu had so much that took our eye. An outstanding effort, considering the restaurant has only been open for two months, yet everyone looks so comfortable and confident with what they are doing and the kitchen is most definitely firing on all cylinders with the quality of dishes that we sampled. We have our hats off to a great new dining destination in Luštica Bay, Montenegro, THE SPOT has certainly hit the right spot of food aficionados alike.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Catalan Inspired Adriatic Menu

Novo Naselie b.b.
Radovici, TIvat
Tel: +382 32 661 266

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