Thomas Sabo SS2016 Collection @ It's All About Love

From filigree feather ornaments through to artful Maori tattoo-inspired designs, THOMAS SABO SS2016 collections is all about love and en-vogue Boho chic merged with expressive ethnic style. The key pieces of the brand’s new collections were showcased while the imaginative Dreamcatcher collection stole the limelight for its striking meaning and artfulness.

The successful THOMAS SABO Love Bridge range, with engravings both for men and women perfect for capturing a personal message for all eternity, is being expanded to offer a fascinatingly broad variety of styles and colours to suit every taste and fit in perfectly with the expressive THOMAS SABO design code: the colourful, lovingly-detailed FESTIVAL Love Bridge bracelets radiate lightness and joie de vivre, which instantly convey a feeling of summery colourfulness and casual living. The THOMAS SABO LOVE CUFF in 925 Sterling silver, or with 18k yellow gold and rose gold plating wow with the minimalist clarity of the precious metal used. Personal engraving makes this bangle a very personal item of jewellery for him and her.

United forever – the intertwined rings of this collection in 925 Sterling silver with pavé zirconia represent the inseparable bond of two lovers. The engraving 'Forever Together / Together Forever' strengthens its symbolic power. For the Rebel at heart designs crafted from 925 Sterling silver not only stand out with their artfully-finished skulls, the 'Love, Faith, Hope' engraving or the mystically-dazzling, black pavé zirconia also lend these wonderful items of jewellery a stylish finish full of rebellious attitude, truly reinventing classic couples‘ jewellery.

With bright colours and powerful animal symbolism, the new THOMAS SABO Karma Beads are guaranteed to bring a blast to summer! The beads use the special characteristics attributed to the animals, symbols and gemstones and which are believed to lend their wearer extraordinary strength: the rabbit, for instance, represents speed and agility, and the artfully-crafted Tortoise bead with green facetted aventurine and black zirconia stones is said to give its wearer strength and balance. Further new animal beads such as chick, koala bear, piglet, frog, dolphin and gorilla head bead ensure the wearer a joyful and wonderful summer!   

The REBEL AT HEART Collection dominant in the masculine Rebel at heart line are expressive motifs of inner strength and protection: Hanuman, the monkey god and trustworthy protector from Hindu doctrine, makes an appearance in this iconic line.

Traditional Maori symbols such as the twist symbol, which stands for life's infinite multitude of directions are reinterpreted with delicate ethno-tattoo patterns. The expressive pendant in the shape of a shark's tooth represents strength and commitment to family. The pendant's ornate Maori patterning wows with its extraordinary look.

Absolute key piece in the THOMAS SABO Rebel at heart line: the Bull Skull crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver and adorned with black pavé zirconia and onyx is a must-have for fans of progressive styles. It is inspired by Native American mythology in which the buffalo is considered to be one of the holiest creatures, representing the positive virtue of generosity. The design of the Bull Skull includes stylistic elements from traditional jewellery worn by the Zuni and Navajo tribes, which further reinforces its symbolic power.

Restful sleep with sweet dreams: the well-known dreamcatchers will ensure this, originating as it does from the Native American tribes. According to legend, the desired dreams can easily penetrate the web, while negative dreams remain trapped and are then neutralised by the radiant morning sun. And dreamcatchers also spread positive energy as items of jewellery: THOMAS SABO interprets this cult object in artfully-crafted, imaginative designs. These Boho-trend creations are perfect for complementing cheerfully-light festival outfits.

Whether as a bracelet, ring or necklace: the expressive designs are derived from dreamcatchers and Native American symbols and help wearers to have (day) dreams full of lightness and joie de vivre. Filigree feathers adorn the ethnic-style items of jewellery as do impressive patterns inspired by traditional Navajo and Zuni elements. Turquoise, considered the classical stone in Native American jewellery, features in numerous dreamcatcher items of jewellery, it is believed to provide great healing power and to protect against negative influences. The Dreamcatcher Beads permit the self-confident ethnic look to be beautifully combined and reinterpreted.


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