CATH KIDSTON SS2016 Blooming Lovely Collection

CATH KIDSTON SS2016 Blooming Lovely Collection inspired by beautiful British blooms in all their glory. Influences came from traditional English country gardens in full bloom, eccentric gardeners, the abundance of different flowers growing and the creatures and objects you might find along the way. 

Later in the season, enjoy a summer garden party surrounded by wildflower meadows and hedgerows, before heading off to the English seaside for a summer holiday by the sea.

English country gardens proved to be a rich source of inspiration bursting into flower with an electric, colorful array of blooms, from classic roses to new hero hydrangeas, daisies. traditional herbaceous borders are an essential part of the English garden and appear as placement prints.

A pretty cottage print provides a hint of novelty and perfectly embodies the seasonal theme, with a typical country cottage surrounded by a flower-filled garden. there's also a fun novelty gnome print to support, plus Billie the dog continues his travel around the UK and further afield. Key colors include soft denim blues and fresh greens as well as oat and classic navy grounds.

Pretty new floral prints feature their signature roses. Trailing wild flowers arrive in new drawing styles that evoke classic botanical illustrations.

Little ladybirds and bumblebees are tucked within sweet ditsy prints, enhancing the feeling of being outdoors in the fresh air.

The colour palette features the classic off-white and pale grounds alongside a soft new dove grey and a rich charcoal for contrast.

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