PALM SEAFOOD Celebrates The Joy Dining By The Sea In Phuket

Bringing contemporary style and delicious ocean delights to beautiful Bang Tao bay, Palm Seafood has quickly become Phuket’s coveted dining destination since the opening just over one year ago. The authentic Thai cuisine and the surrounding  pampers mylifestylenews over a blue sky sunny afternoon where everything is sublime……

Phuket instantly evokes images of sun, surf and sand, but for foodies there are also plenty of great dining destinations to choose from and now you have an excuse to head to Phuket for another one.

The Palm seafood – operated by the award winning Twinpalms Resort is located just 700m away from the resort on Surin beach. With frequent shutter service provided for diners, the flourishing Palm Seafood is not only offers another dining option for their own resort guests, but also attracts diners from far and wide around Phuket island.

The design of this restaurant is akin to a very sophisticated beach club with a prime seaside location that has a light and open style evoking the beauty and tranquility of the sea. There are a number of seating options, depending on your mood, the heat of the sun, or how large your group is, with extra long sofa benches under roof cover for groups to gather, to the best tables in the house – the tables dotting along the restaurant’s central reflecting pool like lilies on a pond and a picture tells a thousand words.

What a brilliant design concept as the open secret is told that they have to finish building this baby within a two months of time frame as a self challenge project. And they did it with a triumphant success.

The weather was very kind to us during our lunch, bathing the whole restaurant in bright sunshine that really played up to the strengths of the interior design (or should we say exterior), as Palm Seafood needs to be experienced when the elements are at their best, although we would imagine that the service will always be fantastic as we experienced.

The Menu - Palm Seafood celebrates the riches of the sea by serving up fresh seafood in imaginative styles and tastes. The sizzle and aroma of their top-quality selections will whet your appetite, whether it is the local Thai dishes or more international style of cooking. There are a lot of signature dishes that showcase some top offerings from the grill, but we were looking to discover what the simple local dishes could offer. We specifically requested the food to have a spicy heat the local way and what eventuated was a delightful, authentic Thai a la carte lunch that truly delivered on all fronts.

We started off with a ‘mixed bag’ of Smoked Salmon Tartar with whole wheat and white toasts paired with Tod Man Goong - shrimp balls deep-fried served with a sweet and spicy dip. The smoked salmon was so enjoyably fresh and ‘smoky’ and came in a very generous portion. The shrimp balls on the other hand were quintessential in local flavor, completely delicious and quickly enjoyed in such bite-size portions. They were perfectly deep-fried (the Thai kitchens are so at this) and just the right consistency inside, plus not too fishy for our taste, this dish is surely appealing to everyone.

Tom Yam Goong – is everyone’s love and hate order but mainly is the all times favorite when comes to Thai food. When you love it, you just can’t stop enjoying it with the heat and spicy aromatic soup that burns your tongue, the more spicy it is, the more you want it. As the Thai saying goes, mai phet mai aroi (not spicy not delicious) and the soup will speak by itself. Palm Seafood’s version of Tong Yam Goong with enough lime juice comes to the fore and lots of delectable prawns in the soup that was medium spicy (to us), creating a perfect balance of ingredients for our palate.

Every Thai chef has their own take on this dish, there is no one right way of cooking but if any Thai chef can’t get this right, you could then tell how good they can cook and present with other’s Thai dishes with authenticity.

The Pla Nueng Manao - white snapper cooked in a lime sauce is one of our favourite ways to cook fish in Thai cuisine. Seemed a fitting dish to follow, this whole steamed fish  that is so fresh and soft to touch for the flesh, which allows the lime juice to permeate each mouthful and the medium level of spice gives the dish a little ‘kick’ in flavor that we couldn’t resist.

Goong Ob Woonsen – usually comes with prawns, but we changed this to crabs in the pot with glass noodles. It completely re-oriented our palate with the noodles just the right texture and wet balance. Although the crab was buried at the bottom with less presentation (picture shown with the crab being lift up), yet it is one of the most delectable dishes to order nonetheless.

Lastly, Pad Thai Goong - wok-fried rice noodles with prawns, bean sprouts, tofu in tamarind sauce. This dish has also has so many different versions in Thai kitchen vernacular, we found this version to be superior in taste, with a hint of complexity once everything is mixed together. The juicy fresh prawns are the ‘cherry on the top’ and most importantly, the tossing with all the ingredients is essential, as many find this dish cooked by many good chef less delectable as they did not toss well with the condiments provided. Sometimes the condiments are served separately while the Phad Thai  Goong is served and you may add to your likings as these condiments at the soul of this dish. With all the expertly cooked food and superb flavours, we had probably pushed our appetite to the limits. There was no room for dessert, but on reflection we were very happy to finish on such a high note with the Pad Thai as we left with lasting impressions of superb local seafood that never once failed in the flavor stakes. This is a highly recommended restaurant that you may want to put this dining destination on your itinerary when you are next planning a trip to Phuket.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverages: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

 The Thai Menu
Design & Decor

Choeng Thale, Thalang District
Phuket, Thailand
Tel: +66 94 480 0883

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