Larry Jewelry Presents Picchiotti Fine Jewelry

Larry Jewelry invited the pioneering jewelry family Picchiotti that is also almost 50 years old from Valenza, Italy held an exhibition of their masterpieces in Hong Kong recnetly. The brand was founded by Giuseppe Picchiotti, who since his very early age, has had an insight for making the best jewelry on earth.

After establishing the atelier, the jewel master and his family work closely to achieve this goal. From the selection of jewel, design to crafting, all the details are delivered directly from the hands of Picchiotti to ensure excellence.

The collections shown at the exhibition included Picchiotti’s iconic creation, the immortal Rose Collection, the vibrantly coloured Essentially Colourthe unsurpassably crafted Imperial Collection, the fun and sinuous Bow Collection and the energetic nature inspired Fauna Collection, which stunned the eyes of the attending guests. The ceremony was concluded by a photo featuring Mr. Hon, Mr. Filippo Picchiotti, Mr. Umberto Picchiotti and the models, as a memento of the glamourous occasion.

Five sets of eye-catching jewelry on the exhibition and the jewelries were demonstrated by models. The first set of jewelry is comprised of an 18K white gold sapphire & diamond necklace, a pair of earrings and a ring from the brand’s signature Rose collection. The lifelike curvaceous diamond roses are a testimony of the Italian jewel master’s refined craftsmanship and creativity.

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