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Jolanda de Coló offers more than 2000 specialty food products: white and red meat, salami, fish, crab and some processed ready to eat products. The story of Jolanda de Coló started in 1976 when Signora Alana made one of her dreams come true and revived the ancient Friuli tradition of raising force-fed geese. By now her passion is shared by her whole family: Antonello her husband and Bruno their son, as well as all their employees.

Today processing geese meat is only one of the many activities. All products are carefully monitor with the procedures from the selection of breeders to the final touches at their production site in Palmanova. From reviving the ancient goose breeding and goose salami producing tradition of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region today Jolanda de Coló produces more than 100 traditional specialty food products and selects the best suppliers to serve the need of the quality restaurants from all over the world at the 5000 square meter production site in Palmanova in 26 factories all together.

The catalog contains more than 2000 ingredients, half ready and ready to eat products from all over the world, thanks to our commercial agreement with the most important producers of the industry and the carefully selected suppliers. They are the only producers in Italy who specialize in goose liver, curing veal carpaccio, salting and maturing such valuable pork meat as Hungarian mangalica. Also, they are the expert in curing the Alaskan salmon. Our expertise involves areas such as the cold smoking of food with special wood or cooking techniques on low temperature.

The geese and duck are raised by carefully selected Hungarian breeders, whom are regularly checked by Jolanda de Coló's quality controllers from the choosing of the eggs and goslings through their feeding and fattening until their slaughter and processing. Here, in fact the tradition developed by the Jewish community after the end of World War II is still alive and still is one of the nation's most important agricultural activities.

The meat are cured in salt, sugar and spices make for such a texture and taste that our carpaccios are famed in restaurant as well. Paired with vegetables, seasonal fruits or cheese they make a quick and elegant starter or a quick and creative meal. In the past 10 years we tried many salami recipes: some were based on old recipes while others were the result of our team's creativity. The most distinctive characteristic of our products are the taste which is delicious and a bit smokey.

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