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Knowing that discoloration and loss of clarity were growing concerns, Kiehl’s introduced its award-winning formula Clearly CorrectiveTM Dark Spot Solution in 2010. Featuring White Birch, Peony Extract, and an advanced Vitamin C derivative, Activated C, this clear, active, yet gentle formula has been clinically tested to reduce the appearance of discoloration and improve clarity, skin tone, radiance and luminosity. For decades, these signs of aging have been widely associated with UV damage and smoking, but more recently, scientists have been focusing on how signs of aging are accelerated by pollution.

In 2012, a team of researchers explored how air pollution exposure contributes to extrinsic skin aging particularly the decrease in skin clarity caused by pigment spot development. Inspired by these findings, and to ensure that Kiehl’s customers were being served with the company’s most effective solution to reduce the appearance of discoloration, new testing was conducted on 3 star formulas within the Clearly CorrectiveTM family, including the Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution, Skin Brightening Exfoliator and Clarity-Activating Toner. When applied as a complete regimen, 96.5% of consumers agreed their skin appeared brighter and more radiant, and in a clinical test, Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution was proven to improve clarity by nearly 23% when used on its own.

Clearly Corrective™ Skin Brightening Exfoliator:
Formula with White Birch, Peony Extract & Ceramides improves surface texture and illuminates skin, helping to minimize surface irregularities and dullness. 

Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner:
Formula with Activated C, White Birch & Peony Extract gently retexturizes skin while infusing it with hydrating ingredients for noticeably brighter and softer skin and an overall luminous, clarified complexion when used within the Clearly Corrective regimen. 

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution:
Activated C, White Birch & Peony Extract, within the formula, visibly diminish the number and intensity of dark spots and discolorations while deterring the formation of spots on the skin’s surface and unifying skin tone. 

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