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The Smile Bar offers you some tips on how to keep and maintain your teeth whitening with simple, magic formula with immediate lasting effects within just 20 minutes with this famous concept from Sweden. By using a effective teeth whitening gel with a revolutionary formula and a sophisticated whitening lamp for immediate visible effects.

Besides, here are some additional tips on how to sustain your newly whitened teeth. After a teeth-whitening session, the pores of the teeth will be slightly opened, putting them at risk of discoloration. It takes about 72 hours after whitening for your teeth to be able to consume the food/products you would normally eat/drink. The solution is to apply the Nano Seal Total + at the the end of your whitening, you will be able to keep your usual lifestyle without any restriction.

Your teeth are an important factor for your appearance and personality, of your really want to maintain a great dental hygiene, it is important that you get over the anxiety of visits to the dentist. A good communication rapport with your dentist will help you tackle your fear well.Toothpick is a good option for dislodging the food from between your teeth. Always floss before brushing and not the other way round to ensure effective brushing. The secret to you dental hygiene lies replacing your tooth brush regularly. Change your toothbrush every three months. Rinse your mouth after every time you consume food that can stain your teeth and stay away completely from staining beverages like colas, sodas, energy and sports drink as these are highly acidic and can cause stubborn staining. Use whitening toothpastes, whitening mouth trays or whitening strips to get rid of stains. Bacteria cause plaque, clean your tongue regularly or opt to The Smile Bar for more effective and faster results.

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