ELIE SAAB @ FW2015/16 The Way of The Woods Collection

ELIE SAAB FW2015/16 The Way of The Woods Collection is a mysterious forest taking structured, commanding silhouettes and progressively softening them to mimic natural forms with details of shimmering foliage.

Determined, she ventures into the woods with confidence and strength. Constructed silhouettes frame the shoulders with military precision and solid, broad golden belts accentuate the waist.

High stand-up collars, tweed coats, gilded buttons and open-toed boots capture an aura of ceremony and allure.

Deeper and darker she goes. Elements of her surroundings start to take life, flourishing upon silhouettes, graduating into color and detail. Shades of pine, moss and scarlet speak of nature, dense and profound. 

Hints of golden light sift through the canopy in a graphic print applied in crepe and perforated macramé with accents of peacock blue. Lace this season becomes sprigs and wood grain in relief.

Embroidered leaves branch off into geometric patterns on lace, or emerge on textured jacquard. The Poincaré bag is revisited with laser-cut forestial detail.

She gradually sheds her structured form as nature continues its expansive and feminine influence.

Silhouettes soften with a Juliette sleeve and outerwear evolves into oversized elegance. Forms are freed by open backs and floating panels. Fur lines collars, front pockets and accessories.

Lace liberates the upper legs, where light appears behind poetic turns of embroidered foliage to reveal a diffuse yet feminine form.

The forest envelops her, lovely, dark and deep. It reveals her natural form, with a grace and allure that is gentle and fine. She is awakened.

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