Dioressence @ The New Dior Stiletto


The flattering décolleté and the pointed extremity elongate the leg and underscore the arch of the foot; the heel, done entirely in leather, which accentuates its delicateness, height and pitch elongates the silhouette and highlights the curve of the leg. Slightly impertinent,
Dioressence is the new Dior stiletto.

Made a few kilometers outside of Venice, Italy, where shoemaking know-how is a story of passion and regroups more than 100 manufacturing steps.

Dioressence heels come in a variety of materials in satin-finished lamb, patent or iridescent calf leather and a wide array of colors, including two essential shades closely associated with the Maison : Black, which Christian Dior considered the most elegant of colors, and pale pink, which he considered “the color of happiness and femininity.”

For the more daring, this shoe comes in ochre, military green, cognac, Trafalgar red, bronze, white, anthracite gray and shades of blue from ink and azure to navy and midnight. The colorful Dioressence signs a silhouette and elevates it, making it even more sublime.

 “A touch of color can be enough to change your appearance”
“Heels go with everything”
Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

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