Gübelin Reintroduces The Philosophy of Luxury To The World

Gübelin reintroduces its philosophy of luxury to the world under the title of “Deeply Inspired” in Hong Kong recently showcasing the new lines of high-end jewellery based on a new concepts of jewellery aesthetic, featuring not only exterior beauty but also the charm from within, inspired by the inclusions inside gemstones themselves. The venue was turned into a mystic garden while a spectacular canape table also resembling the layout of a garden. Though intricate and finely wrought, these wings are strong enough to carry aloft the large, fiery ruby at their centre. The design of The Story of the Seahorse sapphire ring was inspired by the curl of a sapphire inclusion, as well as its deep blue tones, both of which conjure up images of the depths of the sea and the latent power of the tides. Simultaneously evoking the shape of a seahorse, the inclusion is highly suggestive of both beauty and strength. Combining the shape of the seahorse’s tail with the image of the curling inclusion, the designers have conceived these two strong but elegant supports, a pair of undulating beams poised to anchor and carry a fine stone. In this one-of-a-kind ring the two diamond vertebrae, recalling the quiet majesty of the seahorse, form a dramatic spine for the fine sapphire at their head.

The ceremony commenced with a welcoming speech by Raphael Gübelin, CEO of Gübelin and also the sixth generation of the founding family. Pieth Hanspeter, Managing Director of Gübelin Retail as moderator, Helen Molesworth, Managing Director of Gübelin Academy, and Robert Ambord, Artistic Director of Jewellery and Managing Director of Gübelin Ateliers, joined Raphael Gübelin in delivering a detailed and inspiring presentation introducing the design concepts and products derived from Gübelin’s philosophy of luxury “Deeply Inspired”.

Gübelin announces the creation of an exciting new jewellery aesthetic based on the inner beauty of precious gemstones. Apart from delivering their charm via their exterior beauty, rubies, emeralds and sapphires contain inner worlds of fantastic colours and shapes that are equally enchanting. These are the inclusions, the microscopic fissures, bubbles, striations, and other structures that arise within the stone as the crystal grows in the depths of the earth which can be considered the gemstone’s fingerprint, marking its uniqueness. Thanks to a member of the Gübelin family - Eduard Josef (1913 to 2005), one of the greatest gemmologists of the 20th century, an artist and also a scientist  the beauty and uniqueness of gemstone inclusions are revealed to the world. 

Through his pioneering microphotography of gem inclusions, using techniques he himself developed, he was able to show the world how truly remarkable and extremely beautiful inclusions can be. With his scientific mind and poetic eye, Eduard J. Gübelin was able to penetrate the inner lives of gemstones, discovering inside them breathtaking vistas of natural landscapes: the glowing fires inside rubies, the deep seas inside sapphires and the mystical gardens inside emeralds among them. His magnificent photographs as well as beautifully worded descriptions of these vistas have inspired the Gübelin Jewellery creative team to develop new Gübelin Jewellery worlds, each of which evokes one of these elements of nature.

These Gübelin Jewellery worlds provide an inspiring environment for the presentation of the breathtaking new Gübelin Jewellery pieces and allow their poetry and mystery to come alive.

Glowing Fire
A world inspired by ruby inclusions that evoke the many facets of fire, passion, and love. 

Deep Sea
A world inspired by the inclusions of the sapphire which evoke the mysteries of deep blue waters filled with bubbles, sea creatures, and beautiful corals.

Mystical Garden
A world inspired by emerald inclusions, with their marvels of vegetative shapes and colours reminding us of fallen trees, flowers, weeds, and tranquility.

Gübelin designers took their time to observe and explore the beauty of the gemstones and then create the jewellery piece based on the special features of the stones. For the former, Gübelin Jewellery’s designers have turned to the varied, cell-like patterns in a fine ruby inclusion. Arranged in an elegant arch, these patterns conjure up the fine structure of a dragonfly’s wing. Inspired by the inclusion, Gübelin’s designers have derived a necklace featuring two magnificent wings.

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