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Every woman wishes to stay young and to have a timeless skin of their face but it is easy to lose our baby skin firmly and smoothly iinadvertently. By capturing the Sun essence from gold Albizia julibrissin glial elements, seaweed firming cream, oatmeal polysaccharide - the three components that benefits our skin cell and provide supplements and necessary nutrients to enhance cellular absorption capacity for making an ageless healthy skin, mylifestylenews finds out more from the benefit by applying LUMBEBE latest skin care collection from the the founder Lumioula Kuo......

1) How does the brand LUMBEBE get started?
I enjoy sunbathing and everyday I do it for 30 minutes to get a beautiful tan and generates vitamin D for the body which is vital for regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous to facilitate normal immune system function as well as improve resistance against certain diseases. Vitamin D is often called the "Sunshine Vitamin" as it's produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Yet, the low radiation of sunlight intensifies the activation of skin cells and increases the secretion of hormones and speeds up metabolism. I met a natural remedy expert and learned about her secret habit that preserved her youth and right after the talk, it motivates me to create a line of products by using the natural ingredients and applying the concept for the production. With my engineering background and family in the manufacturing industry, we believe that Made in Taiwan represents the best quality and service. After my graduation from the UK, I have been working in a skincare OEM/ODM lab as well as my family's factory to develop many successful formulas for the past 8 years and now it is time for me to come up with some new product lines such as LUMBEBE. LUMBEBE literary means "Let us baby your skin and light up your skin. which I am sure every body out there likes to have and remain looking young and have a smooth baby-like skin.

2) How does the brand differ from other existing brands in the market?
LUMBEBE went through a series of R&D and our skincare collection only uses fine and natural ingredients. Take <LUMBEBE Super Corrective Line-reducing Complex Serum> for example, besides 3 active natural ingredients, it discovered the potent activation on the skin of a special extract and derived from Albizzia Julibrissin flowers which grows 2,000 feet above sea level with the energy of light. It helps face anti-wrinkle very well and the result can be seen in just a few minutes. Using this concept, LUMBEBE catches the proper sunshine everyday to baby your skin, nourish and repair damaged cells.

3) What are the range of products LUMBEBE is carrying? 
Now that we have two functional and natural products. The <LUMBEBE Super Corrective Line-reducing Complex Serum> and <LUMBEBE WhitePower Cream>, we would like to solve all the skincare issue starting from anti aging. When it applies on darker skin, the result are more obviously and it is best use everyday.

4) How would you describe LUMBEBE?
LUMBEBE is the light and solution for skincare. There is no Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates used in our product. The control component of the PH value allows our products to maintain the efficacy after a short period use with immediate results.

5) Where is the product made and produced?
LUMBEBE is Made in Taiwan with a high standard of quality control by using all natural ingredients obtained from around the globe. Psychologically, most Asians think of a product that Made in France is a much higher quality than when a product is Made in Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia. Take LUMBEBE Anti Aging Serum for example, the anti aging keys are Pepha-tight, Oslift and Acacia gum factor from Europe with ECOCERT organic certified as raw material for skincare usage. Acacia especially, it is an extract from the roots of Alibizia julibrissin (flower) that grows at an altitude of 2000 metres on the mountain. There is no chemical preservation in any of our products being produced.

6) What are the challenges in the R&D, production and marketing?
We have spent millions to set up a clean-room and pharmacies laboratory to develop the natural and functional formula from the active ingredients every year by bringing the best combination for LUMBEBE. And now, we would like to share this natural concept with our production experience to consumers directly. We like to project our brand as a fine and affordable luxury natural product even we are still quite new in the market.

7) In terms of price point, how competitive is LUMBEBE with the existing products in the market?
As LUMBEBE is marked as natural skincare product with a short shelf lifespan due to the natural ingredients use and with no chemical preservatives. Many of our formulations contains 80% HA Aqua as its main base as well as active ingredients and natural oils on cream base that are essential as they are the main source of nutrition for the skin. This is what the consumer is paying for as organic ingredients are at least two times more expensive than non organic ingredients used. It takes longer time to refine it and time is money in manufacturing. Moreover, natural and organic lines are made in small batches and can only produce certain amount in higher cost.

8) Where can we buy LUMBEBE's product?
At this moment, it can be purchased via our official online shop www.lumbebe.com

9) What would you like to achieve for the brand?
Apart from our present online platform/shops, we are planning to have a pop-up store in boutique departmental store, partnering Joyce Beauty and Lane Crawford Beauty. Eventually to have our own boutique store. By then, it would be more a lifestyle store than just a beauty and skincare boutique.

How would LUMBEBE benefit the user?
 Many women think the sun ages the skin and in fact sunshine is the energy for all well being, taking proper sunshine or low radiation of sunlight intensifies the activation of skin cells and increases the secretion of hormones as well as speeding up metabolism and even gives you a joyful happiness. With the natural skincare products like LUMBEBE, the real ageless shows from inside and makes you glow on outside. Just like our philosophy of the brand reads "Baby Your Skin and Light of Skin". 

Founder, Lumioula Kuo

For further enquiries:
whatapps/Contact: +852 6611 4623

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