MARYLING FW2015 Collection @ A Radiant Bloom of Bright Lights

MARYLING FW2015 Collection - A Radiant Bloom of Bright Lights is a lasting moment of glimmering beauty…Famed Italian womenswear brand MARYLING debut their Autumn-Winter collection. Inspired by the style of legendary French artist Henri Matisse, the blueprint for the brand’s design is centred around dreamy bright colours, bold lining and vibrant, hand crafted prints. By incorporating luxurious materials into the creative process, the new collection delivers a sense of femininity. Elements of both seasons can now embrace each other, lightening the somewhat dull mood often associated with autumn and winter. This allows for every woman to show off her dazzling personality, and by implementing MARYLING’s understated yet classy Italian style, she perfectly displays the sophisticated confidence of all females.

MARYLING’s designs have always been rich and diverse, with a subtle elegance beneath the contrasting mix of colours, providing a powerful yet gentle identity. This Autumn-Winter, the brand will feature Fame Glory, Autumn Shine, Winter Sparkle and Retro Cool Rises as their main series, continuing MARYLING’s trademark concept of 24-7 fashionable living. Regardless of time or location it will allow you to show off your uniquely intoxicating charm and eye-catching self-confidence like MARYLING’s muse Barbra Streisand.

<Fame Glory Series>
A surging wave of colourful patterns dance in the gloomy atmosphere of autumn and winter, weaving a beautiful image that can excite any environment. Shimmering sequins, gorgeous checkered patterns, flamboyant arrangements and a combination of different textured materials, effortlessly brings out a Neo-Jazz vibe from the Fame Glory series.

<Autumn Shine Series>
MARYLING has broken with tradition with this series by adding the trendy element of causal street wear, while the Autumn Shine series is the embodiment of youthful energy. The street style is represented by letterman jackets, sweaters, mini-skirts, and dresses etc., all with a coolness that evokes an iconic fashion status.

<Winter Sparkle Series>
This season MARYLING has actively included aspects of fine art into their products by putting several quality fabrics together, orchestrating an endless symphony of creativity. Among this are blends of silk and wool, pairings of woollen stitching, leather fur, and a combination of knitted mesh and gauzes. The interesting combinations reveal the unrestrained freedom of the designers in creating this chic line. Remarkable materials and expert tailoring make MARYLING’s products different from all the rest.

<Retro Cool Rises Series>
Clean cut tailoring and perfectly drawn silhouettes reflect women’s intellectual beauty. Highly saturated colours and elegant geometric prints make each product appropriate for all settings. Colour patches of varying shapes collide much like a tangram, suspending at the most beautiful moment, capturing a beautiful picture and thus exposing a nostalgic atmosphere filled with an artistic air. 

The designer incorporated aesthetically pleasing elements into the themes of Autumn and Winter, cleverly pairing different fabrics together in patterns. The highly innovative designs and colour ways in this series show the repackaging of the everlasting classic retro look.

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