agnès b. FW2015 @ FEMME & HOMME Collection

agnès b. FW2015 FEMME & HOMME Collection

FOR HIM, is is an understated and visionary, easy-to-wear outfits in shades of navy, grey and black make an opening statement of everlasting elegance. Sport jackets in classic designs are worn in layers to create relaxed, easy-going silhouettes. Wollen fabrics, brushed cotton added a touch of smoothness to the textures. Slim-fit jeans and pants are rooted in artists sneakers to create a chic, casual character. Movement, flexibility and elemental design is the key.

Agnès took an adventure to a parisian's wardrobe and brought back the classic high waist pants and dart pants in fine quality italian wool fabric and heavy brushed cotton to create these ten essential looks. The colour palette is mainly composed of navy, gray and burgundy with a gentle touch of bright color accessories. This is a daring yet highly wearable collection for the confident and charismatic one.

Inspired by the modern dandy attitude, this collection depicts the subtle, fantasy world of every gentleman with an autumn forest palette ranging from camel, deep coral, yellow gold to soft grey. It also features three-quarter length coats that made with quality wool and tweed, which can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

This collection is about the 80's and their rock n' roll spirit. Agnès took cues from the graphic fabrics and bold, high contrast colors found on rockers' outfits, and translated these elements into an impressive line that is both creative and rebellious. Details made from genuine leather to give a luxurious touch to the overall look.

 FOR HER, it starts with the simplest gesture with inspiration comes from 18th century. Large amount of maxi dresses in subtle colors like grey and blue with a touch of burgundy are highlighted. Matching with the signature snap cardigan in new shapes, without extra embellishment, the collection presents an uncluttered young lady silhouette. Stole, scarf, crochet bonnet and fine bets are the only accessories from these looks dedicated to young girl.

Echoing the first theme, this story has color palette ranged from ochre to grey green through brown with some touch of burgundy. Instilled with noble materials like checked patterns, plain colors and tweed, this story generated chic and casual English countryside vintage looks. Lengths are below knee, mid length for shirt dresses, skirts and bermudas.

Photorpints is always Agnès’s classic. Agnès loves sharing while photographs serve as a platform to share her memories. Thanks to her superb photography skills, photos taken from a trip to Iceland has become the origin of inspiration in this collection. Breathtaking iceland landscape is printed on light fabrics and sparkling materials, glossing like the sun’s reflexion on the ice. With color palette ranges from light blue and grey with a touch of brown, this illustrates a soft and warm story in chic, feminine and casual sense.

Immersed in the 80’s, in reference to Elli Medeiros and ska music, these silhouettes give a graphic spirit to this collection: checked patterns, animal prints and fake fur matches perfectly well with artists prints tees from Julien Langendorff, Elli et Jacno and Marjolaine Sirieix. Daring mix of black and red uncover the sophistication in ladies.

After menswear fall winter 14, Agnès continues her collaboration with Adrien Beau to develope fitted suits, this time is for women. With waistcoat and high-collared shirt, a masculine tomboy silhouette is in place.

Black always takes an integral part in agnès b. collection every season. In fall winter 2015, the black moves behind the curtain to highlight the work of different artist prints. These artist collaborations includes Gilbert & Georges, IKON and SWIZ.

As a passionate art advocator, Agnès shades the limelight to these artists by using their prints on her collection, making ordinary into extraordinary. With some glittering elements adding to the garment, a dash of rock yet feminine silhouette is carved.

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