CH Carolina Herrera @ Africa Limited Limited Edition Fragrance

CH Carolina Herrera has taken her inspiration from Africa for her new limited edition perfume. A homage that appeals to the firm's tradition of travel, this time exploring one of the planet's most inspiring regions. With CH Africa, Carolina Herrera de Baez wants to show the continent from a different perspective: Africa through the colours, figures, textures and patterns formed by its landscapes. To be able to see this land in all its glory, she uses aerial photography as her main means of inspiration. This limited edition was born from the contrast between Kenya's lush vegetation and Nigeria's endless deserts, the pure intensity of Tanzania's red lake and the diversity of the salt pans emulating mosaics in the earth. Patterns full of colour and magnetism that shape this immense continent. The new limited edition of CH Africa presents two new fragrances, both vibrant and fresh:

CH Africa Men: Green Africa, intense and energetic. It starts with notes of green pepper and pink peppercorns from Madagascar, with Kenyan coffee at its heart and a base of cashmere wood. The bottle shows the inspiration of this limited edition transforming it into one of the strongest trends of the season: the camouflage print. Printed leather and new golden charms inspired by the African savannah in the purest CH style. CH Africa Women: The red Africa of the savannah and of sunsets, feminine and refined. The fragrance begins with orange zest, afterwards delving into the sensuality of cinnamon and the sophistication of iris flowers, and then ending with the ever warm incense of Somalia.

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