KIEHL'S New Daily Reviving Concentrate @ Awaken Skin With Youthful Energy

The 2010 development of Kiehl’s globally best-selling and award-winning Midnight Recovery Concentrate, positioned the company as a pioneer in the facial oil category and helped fuel today’s oil trend in the beauty industry. Now Kiehl’s chemists are continuing their leadership in this category with an extraordinary formula specifically developed to support skin’s daytime defenses introducing Daily Reviving Concentrate. In a recent survey of 1,800 women in the U.S., ages 35 and older, when asked “how many years older do you look due to skin fatigue?” the average response was 5.4 years olderAdditional studies have validated that “tired looking skin” is a global beauty issue, ranking as the #2 concern in Japan, #3 in France, and #4 in the US and affecting more than 240M women around the world. While skin is dedicated to repair at night, during the day it is hard at work defending itself from attack by environmental aggressors and oxidative stress.  After a full day of battling to protect itself from damage, our skin shows signs of fatigue, which causes it to look older including the more prominent appearance of lines as well as dull, dehydrated, rough and tired-looking skinOffering skin with its own daytime defense system to revitalize and help reduce the signs of skin fatigue, Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate features a specifically selected, highly concentrated blend of 100% natural origin ingredients including Ginger Root Essential Oils, Tamanu and Sunflower Seed Botanical Oils. Designed to reduce daily environmentally-induced oxidation, this non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, mineral oil free and paraben-free formula is lightweight, quickly absorbing and helps strengthen and protect the skin barrier for a smooth, fresh and healthy look all day long.

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