Casa Lisboa Debuts Hong Kong Exclusive Portugese Seafood Platter

Casa Lisboa is set to launch the much anticipated traditional Portuguese seafood platter, the one-and-only in Hong Kong. Featuring six varieties of seafood favourites highly soughtafter by native Portuguese, the splendid seafood platter will be a stage for the debut appearance of Portuguese spider crabs, scampi, goose barnacles and other varieties of seafood from Portugal in Hong Kong. The freshest catches shipped directly from Portugal are truly rare finds painstakingly handpicked, and deftly prepared by Edgar Alves, Portuguese Executive Chef at Casa Lisboa. He is poised to bring authentic Portuguese seafood fare across geographical boundaries to Hong Kong. The seafood platter goes perfectly with Portuguese Vinho Verde for an ultimately authentic Portuguese seafood experience.

Standard portion of a seafood platter: $1880
with a complimentary bottle of Morgadio da Torre ( Valued at $420)

Standard portion of a seafood platter: $1880
with a complimentary bottle of Gazela (value at $280)

Percebes - Portuguese Goose Barnacles 
From the Northern waters of Portugal, the goose barnacle is peculiar-looking but considered a culinary treasure in Europe for its tender, sweet-smelling flesh. Simply bring it to a boil in salt water to savour its briny flavours of the ocean. Barnacles are precious because they cling to sea-battered rocks. It is dangerous for fishermen to make precarious climbs along craggy coasts and pry them off.

Santola - Portuguese Spider Crabs
Spider crabs are common seafood ingredients in traditional Portuguese cuisine. The spider crabs at Casa Lisboa are directly flowned in from Central Portugal. Chef Edgar follows authentic Portuguese recipes closely when preparing spider crabs. The shell is stuffed with brown and white crab meat, egg yolk, and cream sauce. Then the mix is spread on a crunchy slice of homemade toast.

Camarao quisquilla - Portugese Small Tiger Shrimps
Abundant in Central Portugal, the small tiger shrimp boats a small, firm body with an evenly distributed red glow. The mild flavour resembles the primitive flalour of the Atlantic Ocean. Small tiger shrimps also carry shrimp row when harvested during the right season.

Camaroa Branco - Portigese White Shrimps
Found in the Atlantic Ocean, white shrimps are commonly caught in the waters between the coastal city of Algarve in the Southern  tip pf Portugal and Huelva of Spain. Simply grill white shrimps with olive oil and sea salt until pink. They are prized for their juicy flavour and tender texture.

Camarao Vermelho - Portugese Giant Red Prawns
Sourced from Madeira Island in Southern Portugal, the jet-fresh and plump giant res prawns tints the dish a firey red. The presentation alone makes the mouth water, not to mention the supple texture and juicy roe when frilled to perfection. The amazingly succulent meat remains the star attraction for shrimp lovers.

Cigalas - Portugese Scampi
From Central Portugal, scampi sports a relatively long body with a pair of Y-shaped claws. Underneath its hard shell is the utterly sweet, white flesh. Apply a coat of olive oil and grill until sizzling. The smoky fragrance of grilled scampi delights the senses.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 4/5

Highlights :
Portugese Seafood Platter

8/F LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street 
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2905 1168 

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