BOUCHERON Bleu de Jodhpur 2015 High Jewellery Collection

BOUCHERON Bleu de Jodhpur 2015 High Jewellery Collection unfurled Majestic avant-garde flair of Royal Jewellery in Hong Kong Preview recently. The legendary French jewellery house revered for flawless craftsmanship and time-honored heritage, is devoted to the continuation of its unique artistic legacy while imparting creative novelty to a collection of modern jewellery masterpieces. This year, Claire Choisne envisaged the magical Bleu de Jodhpur High Jewellery collection under the patronage of the current Maharaja of Jodhpur, His Highness Gaj Singh II.

BOUCHERON Bleu de Jodhpur 2015 High Jewellery collection features 105 designs and 60 pieces that fall under the 4 themes of Jodhpur, Indian, Garden & Cosmos and The Rajput Woman, a beautiful duet brought to life by Claire Choisne and His Highness Gaj Singh II.

The most astonishing centerpiece of the High Jewellery collection is the reversible Jodphur Necklace. In the impeccable hands of master artisans, the scintillating allure of the precious stones shines on both sides of the piece. 

The novel of piece is played out against the magnificent background of Taj Mahal – the necklace is decked out with precious Makrana marble, the same material used for the very monument. The perfect symmetrical structure shaped by extraordinary craftsmanship comes alive on the twisted diamond strand.

Another iconic innovation of this collection is Plume de Paon, the question mark necklace without a clasp. With the marble and diamonds, the audacity lays in the paradox between the material and its volumes. It perfectly sits on the women’s neck to create light volumes and contemporary motifs.

As the first stop of the roving BOUCHERON Bleu de Jodhpur 2015 High Jewellery Asia Pacific Preview, the 2-day Hong Kong exhibition underline the exceptional inspiration of the collection.

BOUCHERON High Jewellery creations form part of the coveted treasure of royalty. Alongside the 2015 collection, the preview exhibition will also showcase an exquisite selection of antique BOUCHERON pieces, gathered from across the world to celebrate the legacy of the maison.

Shown against the exquisite palatial backdrop, the impeccably crafted Bleu de Jodhpur collection confirmed the unparalleled prestige of BOUCHERON in the history of fine jewellery making. In the exhibition, the complete Bleu de Jodhpur collection will unfurl its before the eyes of all guests, bringing together the ground-breaking novelty and flawless materials in a singular collection.

"I have always wanted to have a job that is creative. I find that jewelry pieces are physical symbols of life’s joyful moments. It gives me such pleasure to work in this career where I am able to materialize such moments like these: marriage, birth.

In jewelry designing I love the freedom to showcase my imagination into jewelry pieces. Those who work in creation share the same inspiration which makes the process truly enjoyable. Creating pieces is at the same time a question of savoir-faire and of technical prowess when working with jewelers to push all limits for new innovations. It’s also a challenge of creating a bridge from the past to the present.

As I am a trained jeweller, it’s a dream and privilege to work for Boucheron, the first jeweller which opened at Place Vendôme. Boucheron has all the tools which are a great starting point for new creations: the rich archives, the artisanal workshop, and the beautiful stones. They all serve as inspiration, either from a technical point of view or an aesthetic one. Boucheron Maison in three words can be described as boldness, heritage and savoir-faire.

Our collections and designs are timeless whilst keeping with the contemporary vision of the Maison. A Boucheron creation is not just an aesthetic and creative piece of jewelry, but also a technical challenge using exceptional precious stones. As our founder Frédéric Boucheron used to say about its creations more than 156 years ago: “Our reason for being is to create emotion” Said Claire Choisne, Boucheron Jewellery Designer.


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