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A good spa treatment is hard to resist, not only can it restore your energy but also helps you to stay focused, re-energized and stay on top of your game especially with a spa that is true to its roots and has the distinctive know-how to pamper you. Veli Spa in Kurumba Maldives offers an extensive range of wellness therapy treatments and is ever ready to indulge you and improve your senses. mylifestylenews writes.

Kurumba’s Spa has been a pioneer in its implementation of traditional Maldivian treatments and herbal products that are used here in its wellness therapies. Every singular treatment was carefully crafted by targeting the whole person with harmony between body and soul. With the concepts of healing and wellness at its core, physical, aesthetic and sensory approaches with the effects to help you de-stress, promote good sleep and re-discover a calmer body and mind.

In Dhiveni – the language of the Maldives – veli is a precious word that refers to sand – an essential element of life, originating from the timeless and natural interaction of coral and sea. At Veli Spa, they aspire to offer you inspiring and enriching treatments to renew your appreciation on life.

Lanterns are hung on a tall tree at the entrance, with a feature wall of running water that adds three elements to Veli Spa: earth, wind and water creates the harmony effect to welcome its guest along with the cobble stone pavements.

Despite the ambient music is not to our style and a little intrusive, the sunken lounge is tastefully designed with four ceiling hanging lamps at each corner almost touching the floor which are eye catching, especially when it is lit at dusk, the mood of the entire ambience is even cozier and calmer. Solid and well polished wooden flooring balances the earth tone color fabric used on the couch juxtaposing the floor to ceiling net wall with giant pattern leaves set as the backdrop of the spa reception.

Passing through the elevated pavilion with a hint of Thai design motif that is used as an additional resting lounge is the changing room, both men and women at each corner. The long hallway was decorated with hanging plants on glass bowls to create a perspective depth with mood lighting used.

Turing right behind the reception is where the treatment rooms are located. Floating pavements and water plants on ponds decorated along side with standing lanterns reflects the spa ambience with peaceful effect. A slanting roof covered with pointy dried leaves is signifying the treatment rooms with a tropical Maldivian touch. The room is spacious with a high ceiling and decorated in natural tones and well equipped with the spa amenities.

With their latest treatments with traditional Asian therapies to energy healing treatments, we went for their 60 minutes Top Seller and signature treatment called the AKARAKARAA THEYO DHEMUN which is a full body oil massage specially created for Veli Spa and is tailored to your needs. The oils used in Veli Spa are derived from local coconut. The pastes are made from indigenous herbs and the treatments are inspired by a local medicine man.

A soft, medium or strong pressure as you desire and we decided to go for the medium to strong pressure that helps to penetrate the pressure into the weary muscles. A hot sand poultice along with the healing signature oil that is made with local herbs will leave our skin soft as a new born as well as mind soothed and spirit lightened.

The resting lounge at Veli Spa

60 minutes is always too short for a good spa treatment especially when the therapist knows how to pamper you with their professionally trained spa technique and both of our Thai therapists did exactly what they are best at. We were adjourned to the post spa resting lounge across our treatment room to re-collect ourselves with a rejuvenated mind and spirit uplifted. A truly Maldivian inspired spa with all the immaculate services and treatments, and we were truly pampered.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Signature Treatments

Vihamanaafushi, 08340
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 664 2324
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