ZENITH x LAND ROVER @ Two Legends Celebrate An Iconic Year: 1969

Explosive, creative and entirely natural: such is the long-term partnership commitment undertaken between Zenith and Land Rover. Two names, two legends with entwined destinies. In 1969, Zenith unveiled its fabled El Primero chronograph. That same year, British car manufacturer Land Rover introduces the prototype of the very first luxury off-road vehicle: the iconic Range Rover, which hit the markets in 1970. Fired by the same pioneering spirit and the same ability to explore new horizons, these two original creations achieved legendary status. Half a century later, their inventors are entering into an exceptional long-term partnership inaugurated by an El Primero Range Rover Special Edition. The El Primero and Range Rover models are trademarks. Cornerstones of their respective fields. Desirable. Luxurious. True pioneers. Their brilliant creators – the watch Manufacture Zenith and Land Rover, the world leader in the realm of luxury sports utility vehicles are uniting in a partnership to celebrate two legendary creations that have made an indelible imprint on watchmaking and automotive history. To launch this partnership, Zenith is presenting a first exclusive El Primero Range Rover Special Edition, a distinctive timepiece that is equally at home on city streets as it is on rugged is terrain. Zenith and Land Rover are natural front-runners. Since 1969, which witnessed milestone launches by both companies, their destinies have been entwined. That was the year the Swiss Manufacture presented the famous El Primero chronograph movement, the most accurate in the world; and the British carmaker Land Rover unleashed the first luxury four-wheel drive, the iconic Range Rover. Three years later, the two adventurers crossed paths when explorer John Blashford-Snell crossed the Darién Gap – an inhospitable marshland and virgin forest area on the border between Colombia and Panama – at the wheel of an early Range Rover and with an El Primero chronograph on his wrist. During this Trans-Americas expedition, both models demonstrated their extreme manoeuvrability, their durability and their exceptional all-terrain capabilities. Since this epic shared adventure, almost 50 years of innovation and fine-tuning have raised the original concepts – that were at once simple, sturdy and ingenious – to the rank of timeless icons that have lost nothing of their authenticity.

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