Paul Lafayet 2017 Chinese New Year Limited Edition

Paul Lafayet celebrates the year of rooster by introducing its 2017 Limited Edition Chinese New Year Collection to everyone. This year, the collection is inspired by the French symbolism ‘Le coq Gaulois’, combining paintings of French roosters with traditional Chinese arts onto the heart of the collection box. The French Collection Cookies Box (32 pcs) & French Macaron Confectionery Box (12 pcs), along with Paul Lafayet’s traditional French recipe by sourcing the best ingredients from places around the world, all delicacies are handmade and homemade locally in Hong Kong and is packaged with the beautiful blending of French and Chinese elements. Roosters are long-believed that they would bring fidelity and prophecy and Le coq gaulois (The Gallic Rooster) is originated from the Ancient Roman time, when French people were also known as the Gallus people. Tracing back to the royal historiography, the ‘first Christian king of France’, Clovis I was the first King to adopt Le coq gaulois as a part of the national emblem. Slowly and gradually, the French rooster has become the national personification of France. Even till now, Rooster is still a prominent figure of France, especially in sporting events such as football leagues. 

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