VIVIENNE TAM 2017 Chinese New Year's Pick

The New striking colours are also featured on OPERA GIRL Printed Sweaters, with shimmering details to celebrate the festive party season. OPERA GIRL Badges collection introduces new designs of dashing bomber jackets and casual jeans, get on holidays in playful style!

Joyfully blooming peony is printed on delicate 3D lace embroidery with a palette of pastel pink, creating an aura of vintage romance for the Chinese New Year collection.

While the jacquard peony collection features contrasting shades of tangerine red, creating rich visual effects that represents abundance and prosperity.

The OPERA GIRL iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Crystal Cases change into new outfits of Fuchsia, Blue and Green this festive season! With her delicate coronet embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, pamper your loved ones with a magical gift of charm.

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