FENDI AW2016/17 Men Collection

FENDI Men’s AW2016/17 Collection happens in interiors, with an intimately playful and cozily domestic tone. It projects an idea of private luxury, coexisting perfectly with the urban frenzy. The silhouette is soft and comfortable. Belted coats have the cocooning ease of a bathrobe. Shirts are elongated into coats. Outerwear has a welcoming roominess. Jumpers look like they were put together from loved bits and pieces.

Knitwear abounds, suggesting homemade pleasures: long and loose jumpers; braided bands that draw lines across coats and jackets; long, droopy scarves wrapped around the neck. Homeliness is synonymous with roominess. Trousers have a relaxed ease. Blousons add a hint of protection. Intriguing, organic textures call for tactile explorations.

Checked patterns stolen from plaids and throws provide visual rhythm, fused on knitted pieces and felted wool tailoring or turned into intarsia on fur and sheepskin. As ever at FENDI, nothing is what it seems: fur looks like fabric, and fabric like fur.

Comic strip elements migrate from the newspaper read on the couch to the coat or the jacket, adding character. Silk bandannas and pajamas have an insouciant laziness. Sheepskin bucket hats hint at quick trips outside.

 Luxurious surprises: a mink perfecto and shaggy sheepskin coats are a sheltering embrace. The intimate mood carries in the fur slippers and sneakers with trekking details.

Accessories are outsized sheepskin shoppers, to hold to oneself, Selleria Peekaboo bags decorated with #FendiFaces, big rucksacks. Shielding sunglasses satisfy the need for privacy. The color palette is warm and welcoming: organic hues of brown, green, grey and black fused into melting textures with flashes of bright red, yellow and light blue.

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