ILIADA Olive Oil @ The Platinum Aromatic Line

ILIADA introduces its award winning design collection of exclusive olive oils - The Platinum Aromatic Line extra virgin gourmet olive oil comes in different condiment flavours not only with the Organic & Extra Virgin, it also offers Chocolate, Vanilla, Rose Oil, Basil, Chili, Truffle and even Orange. Simply authentic Greek.

The olive oil industry is one of the most important elements of the Greek agri-food sector. According to data provided by the Federation of Olive Oil Packaging and Labeling Industries, Greece is the THIRD largest olive oil producer in the world and also more than 70% of the total Greek olive oil production is of Extra-Virgin quality. These products gain an advantage through a recognized differentiation that can be promoted and that allows a degree of isolation from competitor products.

A number of Greek olive oils are being named as PDO and PGI products (like PDO Kalamata and PGI Lakonia), according to EU legislation, unquestionable quality Visual differentiation – the packaging targets an international high-end audience. This pack design targets the mind with aesthetics as the real reason to buy especially in an crowded shelf space. ILIADA deliberately moves away from traditional symbols of olive oil quality or clichés of provenance. One of the best display in the kitchen and global recognition, ILIADA has won multiple awards and recognized with chefs all around the world including Greek, Italy, United States, Japan, Greater China and more. Available in GREAT Food Hall.

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