Roger Vivier FW2016 Limited Edition Collection

To mark the beginning of Roger Vivier’s powerful and sensual FW2016 collection, the Maison has designed a series of Hong Kong Limited Editions Sneaky Viv’, Round Belle Ballerine and Belle Vivier Trompette to take the Parisienne to a dimension of luxury and elegance.

 When two legends meet, the sparks can be dazzling. The Sneaky Viv’ on one hand there is the  embellished buckle, the emblem of Roger Vivier. On the other is a sport shoe, the skateboarders' icon. Sneaky Viv’ is a striking contrast between its casual spirit and the extreme sophistication.

As flexible as they are comfortable, the Round Belle Bellerine is beautifully revealing yet elegantly round, Roger Vivier's ballet flats go wherever you go. The new round Buckle adapted from the house's archives confers a timeless frivolity.

The sober lines of the Belle Vivier Trompette with sharp edges that give a shoe the sophisticated town look. Fitted with the buckle with sharper lines and a more tapered look, Belle Vivier recalls those absolute silhouettes of the iconic Parisian women.

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